Greetings LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Pro community. I’m happy to write this blog on research and look forward to some interesting exchanges.

I focus on trust and an organization’s capacity for change. Trust is a big word used by many but understood by few. My research shows that to be meaningful, change has to be ‘trusted’ with action and belief. Trust and Change are topics that overarch everything we do in organizational systems and operations. With trust, change can happen and be made real.

Lego Serious Play provides the experiential resource to understand and feel Trust and Change.

Our research shows that creativity is clearly linked to trust. If trust is a leap of faith, then being open to new and different ways of being enables creativity. From neuroscience to philosophy and social theory, everyday creativity can be embraced to experience society.

An alternative to traditional research methods is to ask people to make visual constructs using the artifact of LEGO, and then to interpret them. This creates metaphorical models of identity through story, using the prompt of LEGO bricks. Such creative reflection provides insights into how people interpret and present themselves, understanding theory own life stories and connection with the social world.

Listen to Tim Brown talk about the powerful effect of creativity and what can happen in a trusted environment!

I look forward to hearing what others think about this interesting topic.


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