Wonderfull design and facilitation lab in Moscow has created a wonderful set of Lego Serious Play cards that you can use during facilitation sessions.

Wonderfull card package includes a set of 25 cards in Russian language that help in facilitating Lego Serious Play discussions. The card deck also includes a special booklet which explains how to start your Lego journey. This product is meant for facilitators, trainers or moderators of organizational effectiveness, primarily in helping to incite business creativity during different workshops.

The price of the set is 5000 RUR (ca 90 EUR, 112 USD) + shipping and you may order those sets directly from those great design folks at Wonderfull.

IDEO Method Cards
I have seen something similar produced by two authors before. The frontrunner was obviously IDEO, whose 51 Method Cards have been used for a long time in creative industry to help people brainstorm over a variety of issues.

Thinkpack Brainstorming Card DeckAs this was produced already more than a decade ago, a more recent similar product comes from Michael Michalco, which is a Thinkpak Brainstorming Card Decks with a deck of 64 cards that you can alternatively shop to your kindle. In the latter case you lose the ability to quickly and intuitively sort through the cards, though.

The essence of using those cards is to incite your creativity by forcing the following selections as suggested by a former BBDO advertising executive Alex Osborn with the SCAMPER technique:

  • Substitute – are there some things in the current product that can be replaced with something else to make it work better?
  • Combine – can we combine our product with something else to make it work?
  • Adapt – can we adapt some other ideas from market or industry to revise our product?
  • Modify, magnify or minimize – can we revise components of our product – to make them larger, smaller and make it appealing to our customers?
  • Put to other uses – can we think about a completely different set of uses for our current product?
  • Eliminate – are there some aspects of product that can be completely removed?
  • Rearrange, reverse – check if there are some things in our product preparation that we should completely rethink? What might be the unexpected consequences of putting this product to use? What would happen if we undo the project?

As a result of those techniques it is possible to increase the creative power of your workshops.

  1. Alan 10 years ago

    This reminds me of another variation from the 70s as used by Brian Eno – Oblique Strategies. They are “idea provocations” and there is even an App available to randomly get provocations when you are faced with a creative roadblock (examples below). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oblique_Strategies

    Use an old idea.

    State the problem in words as clearly as possible.

    Only one element of each kind.

    What would your closest friend do?

    What to increase? What to reduce?

    Are there sections? Consider transitions.

    Try faking it!

    Honour thy error as a hidden intention.

    Ask your body.

    Work at a different speed.

  2. markorillo 10 years ago

    Alan – thanks for the analogy! Sounds very similar and complementary indeed.

  3. Jorge Cortés 10 years ago

    Mark – I could not find them. Do I have con contact them by email?

  4. markorillo 10 years ago

    Sure – just get in touch with Wonderfull via: http://wonder-full.ru/en/contacts/

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