Certification training based on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ methodology and materials

Strategic Playroom Fundamentals certification training based on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ methodology and materials is planned for:

  • North America: August 16, 17, 18 and 19th in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Please visit: www.lloydsmith.com
  • Europe: September 22, 23, 24 in Hamburg (Deutschland), Germany. Please visit:  www.strategicplay.de
  • For more information on training offered in Australia, New Zealand and / or Asia Pacific please visit: http://www.mci.edu.au/

Training will soon be available in Australia, New Zealand, England, Mexico and Asia Pacific.  For more information on this training please visit: strategicplayroom.com

Strategic Playroom
Strategic Playroom

The training in Vancouver will be offered in English and the training in Hamburg will be offered in German or English depending upon the group. Future training planned will also be offered in Spanish. Strategic Playroom Fundamentals facilitator training has been developed in collaboration with the founding members of the Strategic Playroom.

  • barbara bennett

    I have taught some lego programs by looking at basic designs and am interested in growing more!!!

  • http://seriousplaypro.com/members/jacquelinelloydsmith/ Jacqueline Lloyd Smith, MA, MBA, (ATR), (CMC)

    Hi Barbara,
    The bricks make great interactive learning tools.
    You can visit our website and read about our training – being offered next in November in Canada and also in Germany.
    or call me for more information
    my email is: jacquie@lloydsmith.com

  • http://www.cognizant.com karthik


    I am leading a team on innovation and strategic consulting on Innovation within the organization. I have been very impressed with what I have heard about LSP. How does one in India get certified on this methodology?

  • http://seriousplaypro.com/members/admin/ Marko Rillo

    Hi Karthik,

    Welcome on board – try to get in touch either with Ramesh
    http://seriousplaypro.com/members/ramesh/profile/ or with Rajan
    http://seriousplaypro.com/members/rajan/profile/ – they are both active in the field of LSP in India.

    Let us know if you have any further requests,

  • http://seriousplaypro.com/members/gurzua/ Gerardo Urzúa García

    Do you know when will be available the trainting in México?

  • http://seriousplaypro.com/members/jacquelinelloydsmith/ Jacqueline Lloyd Smith, MA, MBA, (ATR), (CMC)

    Hi Gerardo,
    We are planning a facilitator training workshop in March 2012. Please email me directly at: info@strategicplay.ca and we can send you the information or have our Mexican contact call you to answer questions.
    Thanks for your interest,

    Hi Gerardo,
    We are going to be planning training in Mexico in May and June. I will keep you posted.

  • Angélica

    Existe algún curso de certificación en España y en que fecha?

  • http://seriousplaypro.com/members/robertrasmussen/ Robert Rasmussen

    Hello Angelica,
    There is a training in Madrid February 20 – 23, 2012.
    Please email me at robert@rasmussenconsulting.dk if you would like more information.


  • http://seriousplaypro.com/members/regiwahyu/ Regi Wahyu

    Do you know if there is any certification in ASIA region? I’m based in Indonesia and seriously to get the certification

  • http://seriousplaypro.com/members/miguelrodrigues/ Miguel Rodrigues

    Dear All

    Can some one on this very interesting community to tell me how i can know some more information regarding the use of this important tool.
    I am in Portugal and developing also some innovative projects in Brazil on Smart Cities Field, and where the communication with a large different number of people with diverse skills are my daily work….so LSP looks great…cheers

  • http://seriousplaypro.com/members/jacquelinelloydsmith/ Jacqueline Lloyd Smith, MA, MBA, (ATR), (CMC)

    Hello Miguel,
    Please visit Strategicplay.de and you will see the training that’s happening Europe.
    Thanks for your interest in Strategicplay Fundamental.

  • Mustapha Malki

    Can you please give information when there would a training on LSP at Montreal or near?

  • Jasmine Grindlay

    Please inform me when you will be introducing this training in South Africa. Cape Town or Johannesburg.

    Jasmine Grindlay

  • http://www.sertotal.org Patricia Zambrano

    Hola, me interesa la certificación, tienen alguna fecha en México DF o en Monterrey?

  • http://www.trivium.dk Per Kristiansen

    hi Patricia
    I will be doing a certification in Mexico end of September (24-27th), it will be done in English but with translation

    Feel free to mail me directly: per.kristiansen@trivium.dk