Lego Serious Play – Storymaking not Storytelling

A blog post by by Jacqueline Gunn, @tinkgunn about Storymaking

We were really grateful to join the workshop hosted at Clore to explore both our own leadership techniques and learn some broad structures of futures thinking and projecting.  Lego Serious Play is based on three premises: play, constructionism and imagination.

Through a series of both individual and group exercises (all involving various lego people, bricks, animals, weapons), we imagined dictators, our future selves, external driving forces, and even what the future for social entrepreneurship would look like with “Openness to financial innovations and unlimited length of time horizon.” (see below!)

One of the things I found most fascinating was that although at the beginning of an exercise you may have no idea how to answer the question (“You have 10 minutes to illustrate where you want to be in 2020.” Ten Minutes!), through the process of starting to build and use the Lego, it became easier to articulate and develop meanings and symbolism. A tiny addition to your Lego board could mean something huge to you- and it was the other participants’ role to unpick and ask questions behind the meaning of what you illustrated.
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Podcast – a Chat about Lego Serious Play with Per Kristiansen

12 Minute Muse has published a podcast – an interview with Per Kristiansen about Lego Serious Play and about the new book that he wrote with Robert Rasmussen.

Play Podcast from Twelve Minute Muse

Twelve Minute Muse Podcast
Twelve Minute Muse Podcast

Per Kristiansen is co-author of the new book Building a Better Business Using the LEGO Serious Play Method, and has been directly involved in the creation and development of the LEGO Serious Play method.

What is LEGO Serious Play? In the interview, Per provides both the short answer and the more detailed story behind the origin of this method which employs problem solving, imagination and discovery. In short, LEGO Serious Play is a process of using LEGO blocks to provide new perspectives and build collaboration related to problem solving and improved productivity in businesses.

Per shares some great stories about LEGO Serious Play, including the way it was first received by the corporate world and an incredible training opportunity that tops all others in his experience. He also shares why he thinks LEGOs are universally loved.

Writing the new book was a maiden voyage for Per. While he and his colleague had planned to write the book for years, the actual effort was challenging.  Never fear! They employed some of the LEGO Serious Play strategies in the process.

Grabbing a copy of Building a Better Business Using the LEGO Serious Play Method is probably the best way to learn more about the process.  You can also find more information about it at this site.

Micro LEGO Serious Play: How small can a useful tool for thinking be?

David Gauntlett has written an interesting blog post about Micro Lego Serious Play

Micro Lego Serious Play
Micro Lego Serious Play

LEGO Serious Play is a way of using LEGO bricks to express feelings and ideas. It is used by adults (mostly), to collaborate and discuss relationships and concepts. The building is done in metaphors – which might sound odd at first, but our research shows that almost anyone can pick it up. The process offers a unique and powerful way for people to exchange ideas.

I have a long-standing interest in the idea that, if you give people the opportunity to be creative and make things, they can often communicate more fully and more thoughtfully than they might do just through talking. For this reason I worked with the LEGO Group on LEGO Serious Play from 2005, and ended up co-writing the ‘open source’ release of LEGO Serious Play, launched in 2010. I’ve used it for a few things over the years. My book Creative Explorations (2007) explains its use as a social-science research method. I’m interested in it as a ‘tool for thinking’ (see, for instance, this blog post). And recently I developed a workshop for PhD students which supports participants to both share feelings and develop ideas about the PhD process.

One of the key clever things about LEGO Serious Play is that through externalising feelings and knowledge – by building them in LEGO – then everyone in a group gets a voice, because everybody builds and everybody talks about what they have built; and then also you get the opportunity – because you can literally see it, touch it and change it – to review everyone’s perceptions, and collaborate to make them fit together in a coherent and meaningful way.

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Survey for LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators in Latin America, Spain and Portugal

We are happy to invite all LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators of Latin America (LATAM), Spain and Portugal to take part in an online survey, which aims at establishing the state-of-the-art of the LSP methodology in those regions.

The survey for LSP facilitators in LATAM, Spain and Portugal has been promoted by Lucio Margulis from Juego Serio, in collaboration with Elisabetta Frick and Stefano Tardini, from USI Università della Svizzera italiana (Switzerland).

A similar survey, focused on European countries, was held in Spring 2013, in the context of the S-Play project. The results of that investigation were published in the White Paper on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

This time, we want to investigate how the LSP methodology is spreading in Latin America as well as Spain and Portugal. All facilitators of those regions are kindly invited to fill in the survey, even if they already did it for the previous one.

The questionnaire is available in two languages and its completion only takes 10 minutes. These are the survey URLs: (Spanish) (Portuguese)

If you have any doubt or question, please contact Lucio Margulis at

Thank you for yourcontribution! Gracias por sucontribución! Obrigado pela sua contribuição!

Facilitator Certification in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method

The objectives with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator training program is to provide the facilitator with the skills, practice, theoretical background combined with the confidence and commitment necessary to successfully prepare and facilitate the workshops in a way that gives maximum value to the participants. The facilitators ability to first design the workshop and afterwards delivery the workshop is essential achieve success with the methodology.

The training program is identical for all sessions and covers theory,  practice, design and facilitation with the method, and its standard applications for business, organizational, team and personal development.

The program meets the standards set by the Association of Master Trainers in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology on the initiative of Per Kristiansen and Robert Rasmussen. Facilitators will receive extensive document of qualification upon completion of the training.

For more information email

2014 Training Schedule – remaining sessions
UK – London, October 6 – 9 (fully booked)
Mexico – Mexico City, October 18 – 21
Italy – Milan, October 28 – 31 (with support in Italian)
USA – Los Angeles, November 17 – 20
Mexico – Mexico City, November 22 – 25
Denmark, Copenhagen, December 15 – 18 (in cooperation with Per Kristiansen)

2015 Training Schedule – first quarter of the year
USA – Charlotte North Carolina, January 17 – 20
Japan – Tokyo, January 29 – February 1 (with support in Japanese)
UK – London, February 12 – 15
Denmark – Odense, March 9 – 12
Germany – Munich, March 19 – 22

More sessions  for 2015 will posted later. You can always view the latest schedule at – incl. sessions in Spanish and French – at


Nuevas Fechas para la Certificación de Facilitadores en Castellano en Latam y España con Juego Serio

Nuevas Fechas para la Certificación de Nuevos Facilitadores de la Metodología de LSP en Español en Argentina, Ecuador con Lucio Margulis y fechas en Paralelo con Robert Rasmussen.

Certificación en Español Lucio Margulis
Certificación en Español Lucio Margulis

-Ecuador – Quito del 19 al 22 de Agosto a Confirmar podría cambiar la fecha

Lego Serious Play Certification in Spanish
Lego Serious Play Certification in Spanish

-México del 4 al 7 de Septiembre
-España del 10 al 13 de Septiembre

-Chile del 10 al 13 de Octubre
-Brasil del 21 al 24 de Octubre con Lucio Margulis

-México del 22 al 25 de Noviembre con Robert Rasmussen y Lucio Margulis en paralelo

-Colombia a confirmar del 4 al 7 de Diciembre

Para mas información escribir a o a

Para ver testimonios de los participantes de la Certificación visitar este siguiente link:

Lego Serious Play Webinar 28 August 2014

A webinar on Lego Serious Play will be held by Elisabetta Frick and Lorenzo Cantoni on August, 28th. The webinar is organized by Eduhub, the community for new learning technologies at Swiss institutions of higher education.

Lego Serious Play USI Lugano
Lego Serious Play USI Lugano

Since 2006, some researchers at the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI, Lugano) have been interested in the use of LSP. In particular, two applications of the LSP methodology have been developed:

  • URL (User Requirements with Lego), which helps to elicit user requirements for online communication applications.
  • LLED (LEGO Learning Design Experience), which helps to design teaching and learning experiences.

In this webinar the Lego Serious Play is first introduced, in which context and for which aims it could be used. Then, it will mainly focus on LLED, a specific application of LSP, which allows teams to design learning experiences creatively and collaboratively, involving all the stakeholders of the project.
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Network of Professional Lego Serious Play Facilitators