Greetings from the new editors

Hello fellow LSP facilitators, designers,  innovators and 3D thinkers!

Denise Meyerson and I are honored to step into the roles of editor and assistant editor for this wonderful community site. We are dedicated to continuing the excellent effort started by Marko Rillo in 2010. I meet Marko in December 2010, when he was attending one of the last facilitator trainings held by the LEGO® Systems Group offered in Billund, Denmark. When LEGO® announced they were moving from a licensing to an Open Source Model, Marko immediately purchased the domain name for and set out to create a community. Bravo, Marko, for your vision & implementation and a big thank you for your continued support!

We are very excited to be contributing here in order to continue to build the community and spread the word about the power of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology and materials, as we encourage conversations and information sharing.

Congratulations to those of you who have tinkered, experimented, tested, prototyped, and discovered more and more excellent ways to apply LSP, which was first imagined by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen when he questioned (pardon the paraphrasing) “How might we use LEGO® bricks to help people work through the process of strategy?” Did he have any idea at that moment in time that this tool would eventually be used by facilitators around the world, who are often working on issues that impact so many lives in positive ways?

Through the efforts of this creative community, LSP has been applied in multiple ways within numerous industries and with a variety of populations. We are encouraged and inspired by the ways in which people have put the methodology to work as they have customized the process to gain fantastic results.

To facilitate this growth we want to make it easier for people to navigate this community site. As a result, we have decided to make a few layout and format changes:

  1. We are moving over to a magazine template to allow for the creation of columns that will facilitate topic areas to be explored to a deeper degree. Each area will be led by someone who has identified themselves as having an expertise in the  LSP specialization area.  You should see these changes soon.
  1. We are also going to create a standardized format for case studies so they are more concise and easier to read. Going forward, it seems wise to suggest that case studies should adhere to a word limit in order to keep to a more executive summary format. This way readers can be encouraged to ask clarifying questions if they want more information, creating—we hope—more conversations.

We look forward to some great real-time conversations, emerging innovations, and building a stronger community!

Play On,

Jacquie & Denise

Tackling Communication Issues in a Complex Environment

BMC Software Milan

Who’s BMC

BMC is a global leader in software solutions that help IT transform traditional businesses into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage. BMC Digital Enterprise Management set of IT solutions is designed to make digital business fast, seamless, and optimized. From mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond, we pair high-speed digital innovation with robust IT industrialization—allowing our customers to provide intuitive user experiences with optimized performance, cost, compliance, and productivity. BMC solutions serves more than 10,000 customers worldwide including 82 percent of the Fortune 500.

The Lego® Serious Play® workshop

Raffaella Centonza, HR Mgr Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iberia & Middle East of BMC Software, located in Milan, decided to carry out a training project, focused on knowledge sharing, communication and experiential learning with the objective of renewing team spirit and improving communication in a company where:

  • There are 11 Italian people managers, where only 4 have direct reports in Italy while the majority of the population reports to different managers abroad, who have employees in Italy and in other countries.
  • This fragmented organization, while representing a real multination company, can imply a potential loss of a local company culture, where people often focus on the goals of their BU on a global basis and forget that they are also part of a local team!

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Impressions on Lego Serious Play

This post was originally published on Excella Consulting blog page. Written by Trent Hone. Reposted with the kind permission of Janelle Ducott

Here at Excella, our Agile Coaching Circle meets monthly to give us an opportunity to share techniques and sharpen our skills. In our last meeting, we did a Lego exercise to explore opportunities for the coming year and generate ideas for improving our work in the Agile Service Area. It was my first exposure to Lego Serious Play – I was struck by the effectiveness of the approach, and wanted to share this technique with the community.

We each began with a basic set of Legos and spent a few minutes creating a build that expressed what we wanted to accomplish individually in 2016. At first, I felt very confused. I had a bunch of pieces, but no clear idea what I was supposed to do with them. Did the different pieces represent different concepts or ideas? Was there a “code” that I was missing? Everyone else set off building right away; I stared at my pieces for a few moments, uncertain where to begin. Continue reading

Meet the New Editors of the

Starting from 2016, Jacqueline (Jacquie) Lloyd Smith will take up the role of Chief Editor of the She will work alongside with Denise Meyerson. At this stage they are actively looking for new content contributors and topic editors and I believe that rather soon they will publish their editorial policy – what types of contribution they are looking for. However, if you are interested in contributing actively to the community then please get in touch via their community profiles:

Log in to, click “Add Friend” to get in touch with them and send them your ideas about new and interesting posts, case studies, research and other stuff. :-) Continue reading

Co-creating the future with Lego bricks

Originally from LinkedIn Pulse.

The executive teams of two closely related companies of a leading global retail and wholesale group went on a three-day value creation boot camp.  The goal of this exercise was to prepare them “to be at their best” in the new operating model aimed at attracting more customers.

The boot camp consisted mainly of traditional workshops using flip charts, PowerPoint presentations and paper, but the group CEO wanted something more powerful and fun.  He had been a fan of Lego for years and wanted to do a workshop at the end of the boot camp to visualize the future business model with the help of Lego bricks.  Miriam Elst and I were the lucky facilitators chosen for this assignment.

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Trivioquadrivio recently held a Lego® Serious Play® session for the Italian branch of a leading international publisher in science and medicine. The workshop was targeted at 30 people belonging to two different business units. Goal was to get to an increased interaction between the business units, with special regard to topics such as mutual knowledge and understanding, awareness and alignment on collaboration

Lego® Serious Play® methodology worked especially well in this context, helping the participants’ reflection on different roles and points of view. Participants were divided in two mixed groups, each facilitated by one TQ trainer, working for a full day on the same agenda. At the end of the workshop, a plenary presentation was held to share the results between the two groups. Also, a closing Q&A session involved the business units leaders.

The workshop produced a deep and lively debate on collaboration topics and a very positive output both in terms of increased awareness and collaborative mood.

For further information about Trivioquadrivio’s activity, see our website:

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