Nuevas Fechas 2015 de la Formación de Facilitadores en Español con Juego Serio y Lucio Margulis

Nuevas Fechas 2015 para la Certificación de Nuevos Facilitadores de la Metodología de LSP en Español en México, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brail, España con Lucio Margulis y fechas en Paralelo con Robert Rasmussen.

Certificación en Español Lucio Margulis
Certificación en Español Lucio Margulis

Fechas del 2015

Enero 2015:
-México – DF del 16 al 19 de Enero

Lego Serious Play Certification in Spanish
Lego Serious Play Certification in Spanish

Febrero 2015:
-México del 14 al 17
-México del 19 al 22

Marzo 2015:
-Chile del 16 al 19
-Brasil en Fecha a Definir

Abril 2015:
-Costa Rica- San José del 23 al 26 de abril
-México en Fecha a Definir

Mayo 2015:
-Barcelona del 13 al 16
-Pamplona del 18 al 21

Junio 2015:
En fechas a definir

Julio 2015:
-México del 9 al 12 en paralelo con Robert Rasmussen

– Perú en fecha a definir

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Lucio Margulis

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitation training in French

Certification in Facilitating the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method
Formation officielle de facilitateurs LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® en français par AVEA Partners avec Marie-Christine DUPONT et Jean SEMO.
Prochaines sessions 2015 à Paris :
9 – 12 février 2015
6 – 9 juillet 2015
7 – 10 décembre 2015
Double certification : Executive Certificate de l’Ecole Centrale Paris et certification de l’association des Master Trainers délivrée par AVEA Partners et Robert RASSMUSSEN community is 5 years old

I am 5 years oldExactly 5 years ago today the community was born!

6-10 December 2009 we attended a Lego Serious Play certification training with master trainers Per Kristiansen and Jacquie Lloyd Smith. It was a great and dynamic group of people from around the globe.

While the discussions about learning the tricks of the trade were great fun, during the penultimate day we received a gloomy status update from LEGO. We were told that as LEGO was pulling the plug from Lego Serious Play licensed partner network and trying to rethink the Open Source business model.

Helle Borup Friberg and Steen Forum of LEGO were both doubtful about what would follow next. As we were the last group of facilitators that was directly trained under the auspices of LEGO watchful eye then it looked as if LEGO was sharing with us their fears on how the changes will materialize. Most frequent answer to most of our questions was simply: “We don’t know … yet!”

They merely suggested that it was in LEGO best interest to see also LEGO SERIOUS PLAY turn into a user-based community like the other communities surrounding LEGO: Lego Education, LUGNET Lego User Groups, Adult Fans of Lego, Lego Mindstorms communities, First Lego League competition groups and others.

After the gloomy evening we convened the next morning with our group and I suggested: “What a great opportunity! Let us try to get in touch with all those people who had been certified during the previous years and try to see if we could gather them into a single virtual community.” domain registrationFollowing a brief brainstorming session we came up with its trademark domain name for Serious Play professionals – “”. And so it started. The domain name was registered the next day and what followed has been a great journey. By now the community is 5 years old – hence it has entered the age of an inquisitive toddler.

Congratulations and many thanks to all our community members – with your eager participation we have been able to come so far!

Nice article on LEGO Research in schools with children

LEGO bricks build better mathematicians

27 November 2014

Dr Miles Richardson, Head of Psychology, University of Derby

Lego-6363A study carried out by the University of Derby has found that LEGO plays a vital role in the development of maths skills in children.

The study ‘Children’s construction performance and math: controlling task complexity and predicting mathematics performance’ was conducted to examine the relationships between spatial and mathematical abilities in children.

A student from the University of Derby worked with 96 children aged seven to fourteen, from Etwall Primary School, Granville Community School and John of Rolleston Primary School. The study revealed that there is a link between LEGO building skills and mathematics performance.

Dr Miles Richardson, Head of Psychology, worked with the student to conduct the study.

He added: “This is interesting as LEGO construction skills were found to be a unique predictor of maths performance, independent of factors we already know about.”

Co-author, Dr Thomas Hunt noted “Overall those who performed best on the LEGO task had a higher maths SAT score. In particular, in year six, the best performing pupils on the LEGO task scored a whole maths SAT level higher”.

Dr Richardson continued: “The study also provides a method to control and quantify the difficulty of LEGO tasks across childhood and adolescence. This provides the possibility of developing LEGO based kits to improve the mathematical ability of children.

“We hope the findings will encourage the development of play-based ways of engaging children to develop skills essential for maths.”

For further press information please contact Jenny McNicholas, University of Derby Press Officer, on 01332 592279 or email:

Facilitator Certification Programs in 2015

2015 Certification Programs in the LEGO(r) SERIOUS PLAY(r) method:
Dear all,
Please find the latest update of my 2015 schedule. I have not yet pinned down all session in second half, so more will follow

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method is a facilitated process, the impact of workshops based on the method are, consequently, directly tied to the quality of the facilitation.

Therefore, the purpose with our facilitator training program is to provide the facilitator with the insights, confidence and commitment necessary to successfully prepare and facilitate the workshops in a way that gives maximum value to the end-user and has lasting impact.

2015 Programs
January 6-9th, London, England: Foundation Training
January 19-22nd, Mexico City, Mexico: Foundation Training (full support in Spanish)
February 2-5, Seoul, South Korea: Foundation Training
February 27-27th, Sao Paolo, Brasil: Foundation Training (full support in Portuguese)
March 9-12th, Barcelona, Spain: Foundation Training (full support in Spanish)
March 23-26th, Amman, Joran: Foundation Training
April 20-23rd in Johor, Bahru Malaysia: Foundation Training
May 4-7th, Binche, Belgium: Foundation Training
May 22-25th, Bogota, Colombia: Foundation Training
May 27th, Bogota, Colombia: Advanced Training AT3
June 15-18th, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Foundation Training
June 19th, Amsterdam, The Netherland: Advanced Training AT3 and the Business Model Canvas
June 30th – July 3rd, Rome, Italy: Foundation Training
August 7-10, Lima, Peru: Foundation Training
August 11, Lima, Peru Advanced Training: AT 3 and the Business Model Canvas
August 17-20th, Aachen, Germany: Foundation Training
September 21-24, Vilnius, Lithuania: Foundation Training (offered in collaboration with Robert Rasmussen)

The programs follow the updated program and use the new full facilitator manual developed by Robert Rasmussen and myself. The program meets the standards set by the Association of Master Trainers in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology.

The Foundation training gives a strong introduction to the method and how to use it with teams in personal relations and for business and organisational development.

For more details please feel free to contact me by email ( or direct message via my profile on

Per Kristiansen
Twitter: @Per_LSP

The LEGO® – Retrospective

Slightly different from “classic” LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology, Dominic Krimmer (Twitter@dkrimmer84) has written an interesting case study about the combination of LEGO and Scrum tools. Here is his blog post “The LEGO Retrospective

LEGO Retrospective by Dominic Krimmer
LEGO Retrospective by Dominic Krimmer

The LEGO® – Retrospective is a quite nice method I tried out with a team in my current company. The reason why this exercise is so exciting is the fact that team members are joining a totally new creative space where they can try out to express their thoughts on an abstract layer. In this post I’d like to share some experiences about this improvised retrospective.

Time needed:
preparation: 10 minutes
retrospective: 60-90 minutes

What you can expect:

The LEGO® – Retrospective helps teams to dive into another kind of space where the rules of ordinary life are temporarily suspended and replaced with the rules of this game. As almost everybody played with LEGO® in his childhood you can expect a high engagement as adults might love to remember the good old creative time :-)

Object of play the LEGO® – Retrospective:

Most of us are familiar with LEGO® – one of the best known brand toys. This game gives team members an opportunity to express their views on an abstract way. It’s valuable because you are able to create the conditions that will allow unexpected and surprising solutions to emerge.

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