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Serious Play Pro Website Statistics
Serious Play Pro Website Statistics – Number of Annual Visitors July 2013-July 2014
Since the introduction of LSP Open Source we are glad to witness that the number of facilitators has grown steadily. The Serious Play Pro community was established just four years ago and today we are a true community which covers all the corners of the globe.

It is fun to observe that the coverage of the visitors (the table below) is really almost global. See the annual statistics table of the different countries and the annual number of unique visits from that country. All the regions are well represented among the people interested in the Lego Serious Play methodology.

In average, 66.1 unique visitors come to our site every day nowadays (up from 44.1 visitors/day in 2013 and 35.4 visitors/day in 2012). Given that 2/3 of those visitors are new visitors, it means that any post published are likely read in a month by 2000 different people.
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Lego Serious Play book now Shipping via Amazon

Per Kristiansen and Robert Rasmussen 2014 book: Building Better Business Using the Lego Serious Play Method
Per Kristiansen and Robert Rasmussen 2014 book: Building Better Business Using the Lego Serious Play Method

While you could purchase Kindle version of the newest Lego Serious Play book already 2 weeks ago, just today Amazon started shipping paperback version of Per’s and Robert’s new book “Building a Better Business Using the Lego Serious Play Method“. Looking forward to receiving it soon!


Join us in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia, Canada for 3 days of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY training.
For more information, please email: or visit our site to get a full colour brochure and registration form. Limited seats available so book early.


Join us in Whistler, BC, Canada  Aug 26, 27, & 29th
Join us in Whistler, BC, Canada
Aug 26, 27, & 29th

Andy Priester Radio Interview on Lego Serious Play

Andy Priester interview on Lego Serious Play
Andy Priester interview on Lego Serious Play

Audioboo.FM has published a Radio Interview with Andy Priester on Lego Serious Play

A Couple of Slideshares about Lego Serious Play

Design Thinking and Lego Serious Play for Experience of Flow
During recent days, a couple of new Slideshares have been created on Lego Serious Play methodology. The first one is created by the Assistant Professor Arindam Basu of University of Canterbury at Christchurch, New Zealand. In his presentation he combines design thinking with Lego Serious Play approach and demonstrates how the combination can be used in order to achieve flow in solution finding process.
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Connecting Students through LEGO Serious Play

Halton Hills Christian School Kids Playing with Lego Bricks
Halton Hills Christian School Kids Playing with Lego Bricks

The following article was published on the website of Independent Free Press Canada.

Chances are you grew up with LEGO. Perhaps it was your favourite toy, or a building tool that invoked your imagination to create and build something extraordinary.However, did you know that LEGO can also be an important educational tool? LEGO Serious Play focuses on the development of oral language skills, and is used as a tool to develop creative, problem solving, and group work skills, which are important in 21st century education.  Halton Hills Christian School is one of the first schools in Canada to offer LEGO Serious Play as part of their curriculum, and uses LEGO education as a tool to motivate student learning. Halton Hills Christian School has now invested over 100 LEGO Serious Play kits.

Geared mainly to primary and junior level students, LEGO Serious Play is incorporated into every subject— from math to science to language arts. How does it work? Each child receives a kit and the teacher asks the class a challenging, curriculum-based question. Then they are given a brief time to think and build. Once completed, each child must tell his/her story of their build with a group, classmate or his/her teacher.  In turn, the teacher must also ask key questions back to allow kids to further develop their analytical thinking.  It is multi-faceted, multi-level, and fun learning. “It is an excellent teaching tool for us to use so the kids are motivated and engaged at a different level,” says Halton Hills Christian School Principal Marianne Vangoor. “ It helps kids to express themselves where paper and pen can’t.  It is about thinking outside the box and it focuses on the new priorities of education in the 21st century.”

To find out more about how LEGO Serious Play can benefit your child, contact LEGO education, and visit Halton Hills Christian School Serving the Halton Hills community for over 40 years, Halton Hills Christian School is dedicated to providing a high quality, Christian education for all students that will allow them to live up to their unique potential. Visit their website for more information.

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