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Scott Simmerman, Ph.D. CPF, CPT

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Dr. Scott Simmerman has been playing as Performance Management Company since 1984, focusing on issues of people and performance as they relate to the workplace. I got my doctorate in behavioral neurophysiology from the University of North Carolina back in 1976 and have used my focus on the underpinnings of behavior to present global workshops on change and motivation in over 40 countries.

You will find me collaborative and creative, as well as pretty experienced when it comes to facilitating groups. Teamwork is where a lot of what we want will leverage itself and experiential exercises are really about the only way to generate commitment and engagement.

These days, I do little presenting and a lot of development, designing toolkits around a theme of Square Wheels (they work, but not smoothly) and designing team building exercises like The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine and The Collaboration Journey Challenge, both of which involve LEGO scenes and performance improvement metaphors.

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My main website is at and my blog simply adds “blog” to the company name. I post up a LOT about people and performance, using feedback to improve behavior and a lot of ideas about motivation and engagement. My goal is to be pretty eclectic and broadly-focused.




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