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    - "Hi everyone, I’m super pumped! I’ve just secured a LSP workshop for a professional football team – 20 players, 7 coaching staff and the CEO. Has anyone ever done a workshop for a professional sports team? Any […]"View
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    - "Hello everyone. I am so excited to begin facilitating with Lego Serious Play. I am building a 3 hour workshop for my Air Search and Rescue Group and the theme is Aviation Safety Management. Does anyone out […]"View
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    - "We offer full suite of Lego Serious Play and Lego Eduction platform services to individuals, associations and companies of all sizes within Sweden. We hav now expanded our activities with more experienced […]"View
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    - "Has anyone experience with a short workshop, about an hour, for a large group (350 people)? – I intend to use the Window Exploration Bag and do some skillsbuilding. Let them talk about their model in groups […]"View
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    - "who wants to be my facilitator?"View