• Serious Work book is now published also in German language via German Amazon.de bookshop as: Meetings und Workshops mit der LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Methode Moderieren

    Many thanks to Jens Droge for his enthusiasm to

  • Yellow LEGO ducks that have been used frequently during LEGO Serious Play workshops as warmup skills building exercises are often difficult to find. Therefore it was a nice surprise when one of our community

  • Hi Karine, what types of interviews do yo have in mind. There are many examples of interviews using LEGO Serious Play methodology in our case study collection:
    – Omar Bermudez used it for job interviews: http://seriousplaypro.com/2013/08/26/lego-serious-play-at-a-job-interview/
    – also Marc Vandyck did the same:…[Read more]

  • Creative Research Journal published this article by Dirk J. Primus and Stephan Sonnenburg on Flow experience relations with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology.


    The flow experience can be an important

  • Reflective Practice journal published this article written by Mary Anne Peabody and Susan Noyes focusing on LEGO SERIOUS PLAY use in higher education classrooms.


    This qualitative study

  • Jonathan Gall and Werner Puchert have recorded an interview with LSP facilitator Michel Cloosterman about his experience as a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY professional: Unlocking human potential one brick at a time. Download

  • Australian IT News Portal has written this piece about LEGO Serious Play case at ANZ.

    Forget the hype around the hundreds of millions invested in start-up hubs and incubators by Australian banks.

    If you want

  • A University of Lethbridge professor is looking for people to participate in a research study where they will get the opportunity to learn about the LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® facilitation method and use it to work th

  • The following blog post was written on ANZ Bluenotes website by Melissa Currie, Visual Production Editor, bluenotes here.

    You probably wouldn’t blink an eyelid upon hearing a revolutionary organisation has bui

  • The following news was published at MRweb website about the services of one of our community members Karen Lynch.

    US-based behavioral research firm InsightsNow is rolling out a qualitative approach called

  • Why would you need to know about the copyrights of LEGO Serious Play?
    Over the years I have received sad e-mails from some facilitators who told me that they were approached by their aggressive competitors. They

  • Marko Rillo wrote a new post 6 years ago

    Stephen Dann published in Australasian Marketing Journal a paper documenting his experience, reflection and results on using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology for co-creation at universities. The abstract of this

  • Thanks Pere. Good stuff – I added it also to the front page.

  • Creativity doesn’t always rule the corner office. In the territory of heavy desks and understated colors, executives can seem to favor decisions that match the décor. They might explain that they’re playing it s

  • Today I discovered that City of Cape Town in South Africa has announced a public tender. They are recruiting a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology trainer to deliver a 2-day training event for their 35 staff members.

  • There was a time when Lego was simply considered an effective mental development tool, focused solely on children. With years of research and development, companies are now recognising how Lego or to put it right

  • After the successful internship of 3 young people at SeriousPlayPro Tallinn office last year we are again announcing summer internship called SeriousPlayPro Academy for a group of young people who are interested

  • In the forthcoming Special Issue we will explore the use of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and further LEGO® related innovative applications for learning and teaching as well as supporting students’ and staff’s learni

  • Dieter Reuther from Cast Collective shared a recent podcast by Belinda Doveston from Building Teams, who is an innovative educator from South Africa. The podcast segment was covering Cast Collective’s case study

  • David Gauntlett who is an avid LEGO player and fan has just issued his second edition of the classic Making is Connecting 1st Edition book. In his book he talks about the value of crafting stuff with your hands

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