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J.V. Bennett

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J.V. Bennett draws on a diverse background as he guides organizations through processes designed to produce dynamic plans to illuminate their future. He brings a keen sense of understanding the trends as he helps chart new courses of action, develop strategies and consider the different scenarios and landscapes. As he facilitates groups looking for solutions or starting new ventures, he helps them make sense of new possibilities that exist from emerging technologies and a changing global culture. He understands the challenges presented by climate change and energy issues and provides guidance mitigating the effects by greening organizations.

His work is informed by studies in comparative religion and environmental science, and his time spent over the last fifteen years as an activist, lobbyist, facilitator and business consultant. He is a founding member of Integrative Life Practices, a premier coaching and consulting company where he formed the Integrative Futures unit to bring practical and pragmatic responses to the rapid pace of change and increasing complexity of today’s world.
More recently, he has become the Executive Director of the Feathered Pipe Foundation, a premier, and one of the oldest, organizations committed to personal transformation and awareness in the United States.

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J.V. Bennett
Integrative Life Practices/ Integrative Futures



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Certified for RTS, RTI and RTI Team. I was certified July 24, 2002 in Suffield, CT by Robert Rasmussen.