• Hi Jon, “where” and “what” did you learn about LEGO Serious Play (LSP)?

    I know people from the Agile community who think that getting out a bag of LEGO bricks is an LSP workshop. I know people in top-ranked business schools who think the same thing (I work with one of them). But it isn’t.

    The process is extremely powerful when applied…[Read more]

  • Hi Jon, did you do a facilitator training on the use of LEGO Serious Play? These kinds of issues are normally well covered. If you haven’t done a recognized training, I would highly encourage this. You will get informed about practical issues as well as inspiration and insight for using the method and materials. All the best, Joyce

  • Dear Alan – the experience that Eli conveyed was a workshop where I was the LSP facilitator. At the time, his boss had given me a remit to “sell” the change process to his senior management team, using an

  • Hi Marko, virtually all of the training (although not LSP) that I run is in developing countries and emerging markets and I use translators to do simultaneous translation. Here are some tips that have worked for me: – make a glossary of terminology (e.g. metaphor, models, landscape) and discuss this in advance, 1:1, so that

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    Hi Hisham, I would be delighted to collaborate with you in the UAE. Over the past 15 years, I have developed and run training-of-trainer activities and worked with a number of enterprises to build up an organisational learning culture in a number of Arabic-speaking countries, and I have been a LEGO-certified LSP facilitator since 2003. I would be…[Read more]