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    - "Attend LEGO Serious Play facilitator training:"
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    - "You are invited to play and learn with Strategic Play: Facilitator Training in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods and materials – In Vancouver Canada, August 19, 20, 21, 2013 Call +1 604-558-2707 or email us at […]" View
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    - "Hi Alex, If you give me a phone number then I can call you. I am based in Denmark, but travel to US frequently both for training and workshops. Best Robert"
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    - "Nuevas Fechas para la Certificación 2014 de Nuevos Facilitadores de la Metodología de LSP en Español en Ecuador, España, Chile, Brasil, México y Colombia -Ecuador del 19 al 22 de Agosto -México del 4 al 7 de Se […]" View
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    - "@abuanas Would be happy to share some info about the training Best Per"
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