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    I am relatively new to SLP I have attended an innovation course where the SLP was used and read the scarce material available online. I am planning to use SLP to facilitate workshops for my clients to build innovative business models, innovative ads campaign, innovative new products and innovative problem solving.

    Right now I am in the process of procuring the standard kits and identify kit.

    Here is my question, for training I am considering two options I have to select only one:

    1- SLP Facilitator Qualification, or
    2- StrategicPlay

    I am not sure what is the difference between them, or what s the added value of Strategic Play over the facilitators course. Will the SP cover the required SLP basics?

    Best regards

    • Hi there,

      I thought I would reply, before you receive any comments from any of the interested parties. The LSP Facilitator Qualification is given by the Master Trainers who used to deliver the official facilitator training offered by The LEGO Company. The programme may have been improved since moving to Open Source, but you can be guaranteed that what you are receiving is most likely to reflect LEGO’s own vision and understanding of the methodology. I personally have no knowledge of StrategicPlay, but I would imagine that, while being based on LSP, it has been allowed to develop more freely than LSP. You might want to talk to Kristina Nyzell, who is based in Dubai and had at least one very large mandate in Saudi where she used a team of facilitators, some of whom are the founders of Strategic Play. So she would have a good idea of the differences. Another useful resource would be Denise Meyerson, who followed the official training path to become an LSP Master Trainer, but was also a founding member of the Strategic Play community.

      Hope this helps,

      Best regards,


    • Dear Abu,

      Welcome to the SeriousPlayPro community and thank you for considering Lego Serious Play as a valuable tool for your work!

      For your question about training – there are several people who provide training in the field of Lego Serious Play and which one you choose is up to your preferences. There are two original master trainers of the LSP: Per Kristiansen @pkristia and Robert Rasmussen @robertrasmussen. But also the facilitator training programmes provided by others (@jacquelinelloydsmith, @katrinelster, @denisemeyerson, @luciomargulis – to name some) are worth considering and would give you the essence of the method and several ideas on how to best apply it yourself. Several people have stressed that in an intensive facilitation setting it is important how comfortable you feel with the facilitator.

      So I’d suggest you to drop a note to some of them and see whose style you like the most and take it from there!

      If you have some particular questions then you are more than welcome to post them here and the other members of the community will do our best to reply you.


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