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    How would you deliver LSP taster session in 3 hours? anyone had similar experience?

    • hi Dr. Abeer,

      How many participants will be there? Depending on the number and your goal, you can try different exercises.

      Always begin with the tower/bridge challenge. And then move towards discovering the metaphore.

      You can try with the duck building if you want them to understand the particularity of each participant. Or you can try the Promotion, if you want to focus on the abilities to interpret reality.

      And many other options, depending on your context.

      Delighted to share with you,

    • As Patricia has already pointed out – there are lots of different applications out there for short interventions. It depends greatly on your location, the type and size of your group. If you would fill us in about whom do you plan to deliver the taster session then we would be happy to brainstorm with you how to make it work.

      • Many thanks Marko
        I will have about 25-30 people for 1 hour
        any ideas?
        thanks for the reply

        • Hi, Dr. Abeer. Not too much time. It’s always important to help the group get used to the bricks, through building the tower or the bridge. Then, you might make them build a free model and one of the models from the booklet. And that’s almost it, with an hour.

          Good luck!

        • With this size of a group and this amount of time I would give a short introduction and make every person play with the contents of a window exploration bag. You can choose to put people in groups of 4/5 and make them do some small excercises like building a tower to experience ownership, building small metaphors using a same starting point and do some kind of exercise like ‘the promotion’ but with a ‘small question’, just to let them experience their capability of storymaking.

          • Am with Wiro on this. in one hour, do a quick tower, followed by the explain this, and then something a bit personal or relevant to the theme. Make certain you have time, 15 min or so for a bit of discussion and sharing of how LSP works in companies

    • The Think With Your Hands workshop was designed to be a 3-hour experience, based on seeing groups get a lot out of the smaller format:
      http://www.thinkwithyourhands.com .

      but in one hour, there are more impactful LEGO interventions (not really LSP) – the innovation ducks are always a winner; and I have heard great reviews of Per’s presentations at the Pegasus conference, which are also in a compressed time-frame. Not sure of the details – Per, anything to share from those experiences?

    • Quick reply, the approach I have used at Pegasus and other conferences is a robust skills building followed by a relevant AT1 challenge, and then a bit of supporting theory and finally case examples.
      It is very much following the experience – explain principle
      Happy to share more, if or when needed

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