Using LEGO Creativity Boxes for LSP

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    Mark Matlock

    LEGO just released a new group of kits in their classic line called creativity boxes in red, blue, green and orange. They don’t include a mini-fig, but do have a brick count of anywhere from 55 (red) to 78 (blue) unique pieces (and are only $4.99 each)

    Lego Orange Creativity Box

    Does anyone have any thoughts on using these for an LSP session?

    Mark Matlock

    Creativity Boxes

    Here are pictures of the contents of each box:

    Blue Creativity Box

    Orange Creativity Box

    Green Creativity Box

    Red Creativity Box

    Marko Rillo

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for sharing information about Creativity Boxes. My first reaction would be – sure, go for it! I have advocated for the use of any bricks for your LSP session. I have tested various sets myself and they work nicely. There was a blog post that I wrote about this a long time ago on the arguments that I have used:

    Do It Yourself Lego Bricks Set for Serious Play Workshop

    In our latest book Serious Work (see pp 74-80), Sean Blair and I have also written about some ideas regarding bricks, advocating for the flexibility and pointing out the importance of identifying the bricks that help building metaphors. We have just suggested the first time users be careful about the use of “themed sets” unless you really prefer Snow White and 7 Dwarfs or Chewbacca and R2D2 to be central pieces of your upcoming LSP session.

    David Gauntlett also wrote this interesting piece about “micro builds” on using tiny Lego Friends sets as a really useful alternative that seems to be very closely associated with your Creativity Box:

    So – try it out and let us know how did your session go!

    Good luck!

    Mark Matlock


    I’ve been playing/experimenting with the various kits as they contain different parts and will offer some feedback later.


    Mark Matlock

    2017-02-19 17.54.36

    Here are links to the contents of each box:

    2017-02-19 17.58.42

    2017-02-19 17.59.33

    2017-02-19 18.02.18

    2017-02-19 18.00.29

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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