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    Happy Christmas and New year to everyone.

    It is permissible for us, being certified facilitators, to train other people (such as psychologists or coaches) to use the methodology for their sessions?

    Does the open source enable that possibility?

    Thank you.

    Eli De Friend

    Hi Irene, based on the Open Source license, you are licensed to facilitate or train even without being trained or certified yourself.
    Technically, there is no official training curriculum or certification process. So if you wanted to create your own one, that would be completely OK as long as you respect LEGO’S Branding and trademark guidelines, which I believe you can still find on this site. The question to ask yourself is whether it makes sense for you to develop your own training programme and material. If your core business today is training, this may make sense. If your core business is workshop facilitation, you might want to consider bringing in an experienced LSP trainer who already has spent months developing the content and years refining it. If you are a management consultant, offering training may water down your credibility in your core business.
    I hope this gives you some food for thought.
    All the best,


    Happy year and thank you very much for your always fast and good response Eli.
    My main activity is the workshops and then complement them with coaching processes.
    The question was asked because I have seen that other people who have been certified after I are basing their business in forming other coaches and psychologists in LSP and did not know how possible this option was.
    For my part I prefer to continue doing workshops and become a specialist in that and leave the training to specialists in it because if I do not get the feeling that in the end it will become the game of the broken phone.
    Thank you very much again and happy year full of successes and growth.
    A hug.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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