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    Krystal Oleson

    I am having a booth at the local Chamber of Commerce luncheon during small business week October 18th. There will be an hour before the luncheon and an hour after the luncheon for everyone to visit the tables. I need some ideas on how to engage the business people and capture their interest in a Lego Serious Play workshop. I will really have about 15 seconds to get them playing and then I hope to capture their interest for about 5 minutes.

    My asks of you are:

    1. Please send pics of your displays if you have done something similar.
    2. Any quick build ideas would be great.
    3. There will be about 100 people there so I am thinking of ordering the window kits, put in bags and put my business card and a label on the bag, and give them to those that stayed and played with me. What are your thoughts on that, would you say it is an effective way to do a promo? Have you had call backs on those lego kits that are floating around out there?
    4. What kind of handouts do you use?

    Thanks for your help.

    Krystal Oleson
    Life Roots Consulting

    Veronika Jakl

    Dear Krystal,

    I haven’t done anything similiar so far but it seams like a great opportunity!
    I would use the Duck instead of the window kits b/c you would need at least 15min (IMHO) to get people to realize how to use it.

    Use a lot of pictures of models and workshops to talk with people about LSP (like on your website). Maybe you could use a TV (or tablet) behind/on your table with short video clips of workshops/models + subtitles of what you see.
    You can also make a model of your self view of your business or LSP to explain it to people :)

    All the best,

    Gil Villanueva Jr


    How did you event go? Anything you wish to share?

    Gil Villanueva

    Krystal Oleson

    Thank you everyone. Those are great ideas that I’ll look at incorporating for future tradeshows.

    It went well. I had a draw for a mini workshop.what I find out is that everyone is in a hurry at that particular event so getting them to stay and play was a challenge. Not one wanted to play when given the opportunity. But many were very interested in the draw and the info.

    There is definitely an art to engaging the pass through crowd. I did end up with two new clients from it, so definitely worth my time and money.

    Krystal Oleson
    Life Roots Consulting

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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