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    Hi there,

    Finally my first 2 day RTS Workshop is at hand.

    I have been asked by two process consultants to conduct a strategy LSP Workshop for their client.
    The client is a 100 employee big family owned business in the automotive industry. There are 4 brothers who hold a share of 25% each and they have very differing views on the company and its future as well as barriers how far they want to got with it to sill be aligned with the company.

    So the consultants asked me to start with a workshop in order to align the future vision 3-5 yrs of the company and the main strategy to get there. It is crucial for them to have this alignment in order to get started with their innovation and process optimization work.

    Well I will alter the RTS for Enterprises Protocol a bit.

    1. Core Identity
    2. Anti-Identity (to concretize each brothers barriers they do not want to cross)
    3. Aspired Identity
    4. Systems Building
    5. Playing Emergence
    6. Extracting SGPs

    My question now is the following:
    As the consultants will conduct a company strategic analysis before is it a good idea to let them participate in the workshop? They will be there that is definite but should they contribute and build in the workshop in order to give their viewpoints based on the analysis?

    I am not really sure right now.
    On the one hand it would be great as we could integrate the analysis and insight right into the workshop.
    On the other hand I think it would also be better to work only with the brothers so they themselves can develop an aligned vision on their company (increasing commitment).

    Or is it a good idea to just let the consultants contribute in the agent building phase, so they can give their input on insights and analysis?

    What do you say from your experience?

    Looking forward to your insights, experiences and suggestions.

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