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    Patrizia Bertini

    Hello all,

    Something odd is happening to me… I keep meeting people who runs LSP workshops.
    I always get thrilled when I meet someone who is into LSP, but then it happened already 2 times in 2 weeks, that these people actually tell me that ‘you don’t need a certification to play with LEGO!”.
    I understand that the method is powerful and there are plenty of materials around, but seeing professionals in different companies (one is in a UX company and the other is in an NGO) that keep telling me that they get what they want from the workshops and that they do not design their workshops (“just improvise, it’s fun” they tell me and teach me before I tell them about the certification), they ignore the warm up and they just make people play and sell this as LSP… well, it’s annoying to the professional in me.

    How can we make the public understand the value in the certification and in working with certified facilitators rather than with people that just improvise?

    How can we distinguish ourselves better?


    Hello Patrizia,

    I am quite new at LSP… but since I obtained my LSP Facilitator certification and started to promote it to potential clients, I observed that those who had an interest began to search the Internet for information on it. And this is where I believe we can probably do a better job: selling the merits of a certified LSP facilitator vs. a self-taught LSP facilitator. Some lines of action could be:

    1- we can make sure as certified LSP facilitators that our stories for positioning LSP are all aligned.

    2- that what ever we decide to post on our websites (for those who run their business using the LSP method) have a minimum set of rules or guidelines that emphasize the value behind being certified…

    Now I am not sure what these rules or guidelines should be but I think our manuals do have allot of information and we can re-use…

    Just some thoughts

    Marko Rillo

    Sorry. Per’s post disappeared because of a technical glitch – while removing some spam comments I accidentally deleted it. Uploading it here:

    hi Patrizia, just a couple of quick thoughts: this is a bit like coaching, you dont need a coaching certificate to do coaching, ”it is simple, you just have to ask questions”, but those that have approved certifications somehow do it better. There are probably many viable paths, one of the ones that Robert and I work on is that LEGO makes it clear that it is not a requirement, they strongly encourage users/clients to make certain that their facilitator (inside or outside) has completed a certification.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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