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    Patrizia Bertini

    Hello LSP fellows!

    I love challenges and playing with the method and mix it, stretch it, test it.

    So, I was wondering: what is the most unusual, creative, innovative, crazy way you have used to show off the power of LSP for collective intelligence? How can you engage with 100 people and intrigue them, create a unique experience that will trigger curiosity?

    It would be nice to share experiments, ideas and inspire each other – I know there are previous threads about LSP for public events, but is there anything more… engaging (that has been tested or untested, it doesn’t matter!)?

    Alan McShane

    Hi Patrizia,

    Here`s a brief outline for a demo I have done a few times which works (at least for me):

    1) One 2×1 red transparent
    2) Two 1×4 any color but same as 3)
    3) One 2×4 any color
    4) One 2×3 curved any color

    These make a nice alternative to the duck bricks (at least for me) and in simple terms the challenges start off with animals, then pushing for different types of animals and, moving onto a “joint animal” with two others near you and lastly a one brick challenge with the single red transparent brick where they give it meaning relative to an issue they have at hand. It briefly touches on the key elements of LSP and I pitch it that way but with “lighter material” and fewer bricks meaning it can be done with large groups in about 60 mins.

    The part that surprised me most was the one brick challenge with some great metaphors straight off.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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