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    Last week I was walking down the street when my phone rang. “Hello, It’s Mark Hookham from the Sunday Times calling, I wondered if i could talk to you for a few minutes on a conference you recently facilitated?”

    To cut a long story short this journalist, it turns out was writing what we here in the UK call a Hatchet Job. (Looking to damage the reputation of LegoSP).

    You can read his article (“What a load of bricks: rail managers use Lego to improve services”) in the Sunday Times here.

    Because you need to be a subscriber you can see a version of his post (without the video) on my website here.

    A more honest and accurate report of the rail conference he refers too is here.


    If anyone is a Sunday Times subscriber do go to the comments section to give a short positive shout out for LSP.

    Marko Rillo


    Thank you for sharing this. It is certainly not the first nor the last time when media pick on LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology. While the general public rarely cares about work in private sector, I have also delivered “play sessions” for governmental institutions at different countries, which has raised interest among media. Sometimes curiosity, sometimes skepticism.

    It is rather difficult to explain why the top officials played with LEGO to somebody who has a predetermined attitude. Perhaps suggesting a play session with the reporter might do the trick, but not necessarily. :-)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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