Project in Innovation Management,? Would you be willing to answer some questions

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    Hi Enrique, would be glad to fill in the survey.
    Unsure what youre after and whether its product or process innovation, iterative or disruptive innovation but I have held innovation workshops in Citibank, Honda, ANZ, Louis Vuitton, Danone etc using a mix of TRIZ, Design Thinking, Kaizen, LEAN 6 Sigma, etc. The usefulness I find is:
    Creating an innovative mindset.. especially in Asian banks where zero error is the norm. They start realusing that innovation can be done by anyone and there is a methodological approach.
    Exploring real innovations in the workplace product, process, etc.
    Filtering ideas based on impact and feasibility to ensure they are implementable post workshop.
    When I do a series for one client I usually find that some ideas explored 3 to 4 workshops ago have already been implemented or approved for implementation. I also found that in some classes managers are disseminating the innovation approach they learned to gheir subordinates.
    As Eli says a lot of the post benefits are anecdotal and certainly would not pass stringent academic verification.
    But the beauty is clients in the business world dont really care, they’ll grab any tool that seems to work.

Viewing 11 post (of 11 total)
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