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    Hi all, My name is Enrique I’m student at the Copenahagen Business School of M.Sc. of Innovation Management. I am currently writting a report about Play and organizational creativity, I am trying to test in which way play influence organizational creativity.
    I plan to post an online survey with approximately 17-20 questions. Kind of like.

    From 1 to 5
    To what extend does play help you to think out of the box?

    Would you be up to answer this for me? I really need your help. I will not take more than 5 minutes.


    Manuel Grassler

    Hi Enrique,

    I am currently working in innovation management at university of applied science campus02 and will be happy to help with my insights! Just send me the survey!

    Kind regards from Austria!


    Hi Manuel;
    Thanks for your positive feedback, I just wanted to know your general feedback about it. I’m glad to hear that you are happy to spend couple of minutes so that I can now work on the survey.
    Regards from Copenhagen.

    Eli De Friend

    Hi Enrique,
    I fear that consulting the members of this web site may provide you with data that is useless. Presumably, everyone on this site has joined because they have some interest in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, which basically is a methodology that facilitates sustainable change/innovation.

    So you normally wouldn’t have anyone here that doesn’t believe that LSP contributes to innovation.

    The real question is to what extent. And to answer that question you need to look beyond the practitioners and academics who are members of this site and get in touch with the line managers who engaged members of this site to conduct LSP-powered activities and ask them to what extent they saw an improvement their implementation of change or innovation.

    A few years back, I developed a generic questionnaire that LSP practitioners could customise and send on to their clients in order that we could gather information about the actual impact. Hardly anyone from the seriousplaypro community ever sent out the questionnaire to their clients.

    Our LSP practitioners want the data, but they have not show any interest in collecting it from their clients. So I would be interested to see how well you fare.

    Good luck and please publish your results if and when you feel it is appropriate.

    Best regards,



    Hi Eli,
    First of all, thank you very much for your insight and taking some time to make your point.
    As you pointed out, asking the members of this forum will definitely output biased results. And this is something that I would need remarked properly in my project. Also, I also agree with you that the best way of getting data is by obtaining it directly from the participants of workshop. However I am well aware how difficult that could be, it would involve other people’s as you noticed.

    I also agree with you that, It would be great to find a relationship between LSP and innovation performance, actually that was the original aim of my project. However, statistically talking, that it’s a bit more complicated. We could measure innovation performance, and we could also operationalize LSP, but when it comes to state to what extent the innovation performance is affected by LSP everything is more complicated. Innovation performance could also be explained by other factors, which would required control variables,(I’m not an expert in that field though)

    Rather, I changed the approach of my project, I want to know in which way does LSP affect organizational creativity. For instance, in some people divergent thinking, for others could be more by appealing of emotions. etc.

    I think with some of you responding to the survey I can obtain some interesting data, yet, with limitations.


    Massimo Mercuri

    Hello Enrique, Let’s get in touch.
    I am an innovation manager for a big multinational and during the last 3 years have introduced LSP combined with Design Thinking in practice. And of course do not underestimate there is a LOT of research done around play …
    Shoot me a mail to

    Juanfra Abad

    Hi Eli, my name is Juanfra Abad, I am an innovation facilitator and using LSP for my workshops.

    It will be a pleasure to use the generic questionnaire that LSP practitioners could customise and send on to their clients in order that the LSP community could gather information about the actual impact.

    Thanks in advanced,
    Best Regards
    Jfra Abad

    Eli De Friend

    Hi Juanfra,

    This URL is fully shareable and permits multiple answers from the same respondent (not that this has been a challenge in the 6 years since I created it) :-)

    I haven’t tested it in years either, while the underlying software (SoGoSurvey) has been upgraded. I don’t expect there to be any problems, but I just thought I’d give you a heads up, before you send it out “en masse”.

    All the best,


    Rodrigo Borgia

    Hi Enrique,

    Feel free to send me the survey. I will be glad to collaborate.

    As a first response to your question, i would say a 4. Play is a great resource to think out of the box, if the flow you create adjusts to the skilled required to be developed in order to think out of the box.

    I wish to say 5, but there are multiple skills that, in some cases, play cannot develop.

    Let me know in case of further questions.

    Have fun,


    Juanfra Abad

    Thank you very much Eli, the survey software seems to work properly, I will translate it into Spanish and do some modification for the purpose of the workshop achievements and it will be very useful to follow up the facilitator and workshop performance and manage next steps in new innovation workshops.

    Jfra Abad

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