Netherlands Intro meetup?

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    Martin van Dijken

    Hey all,

    Would there be any other facilitators interested in working with me to set up an intro LSP meetup in the Netherlands? In London, they’re doing something similar and I like the idea: I’m looking mostly to run sessions in/around Utrecht & Amsterdam, but we could on occasion also visit other parts of the country.

    I’d like to share the burden with some other facilitators, is also a nice way to get together and learn for us in that case.

    Look forward to hearing from you,



    Hi Martin,

    Sean from the London group here. Bjorn trained with me in London – he said he might be interested, so perhaps contact him?

    If you want to share ideas for meetups that would be great!

    Good luck getting a group going – I’d suggest you just set up a MeetUp group and people will come… you can find those who are most enthusiastic to become co-organisers!

    Good luck


    Erwin Albrecht

    Hi Martin,
    I certainly like the idea and I’d love to work this idea out, together with some other facilitators here. Let’s see if there’s anybody else who wants to get this thing going. And if not, we can organise something together.


    Massimo Mercuri

    I’m interested … greetings from Limburg!

    Martin van Dijken

    Hey Erwin, Massimo,

    Would like to exchange thoughts on this matter. Some questions we should answer:

    • What do we want to achieve with this Meetup?
    • Who will put in the effort of organizing the meetup site?
    • Who will facilitate the meetups?
    • Where shall we host the meetups?
    • What shall we put in as topics?

    Some of the later questions strongly depend on the the first question, so let me answer what I would like to achieve:

    • PR for facilitation by an LSP facilitator (e.g. me ;-) )
    • Help newer facilitators find a place to practice
    • Work together with other facilitators to increase each others’ superpowers ;-)

    What do you guys feel about the above? Any answers to the other questions already? Can we do a Skype session together? Can we get together and discuss this?

    Michel Cloosterman

    Hey Erwin, Massimo and Martin,

    I will be glad to join you guys.
    All the best, Michel

    Raymond Hendriks

    Hi guys,

    Great idea. I’m always game to help think about setting up such a group, from a Groningen perspective ;-)



    Jimmy van Zaanen

    Hi All,

    Great idea! Count me in.

    Massimo Mercuri

    Proposal: why don’t we have a workshop ourselves to design the event?


    Hi Guys

    Great that you are going to do LSP meetups in Holland!
    I’ve run 6 LSP Meetups in London – You can see photos and get a sense of what happened here

    My learning so far.

    Small is good. I’ve tried two sizes, up to 20 people and about 7. The bigger meetup had 2 facilitators and we had to juggle getting both groups to finish at the same time. It required a bigger venue and thus moving all the gear, setting up and then taking all the gear home again.

    I run the smaller meetups in my flat. This makes the logistics MUCH easier, and has allowed me to do more work with smaller groups. To begin with I just did individual model building, then I realised I could do more. The last 2 meetups I’ve done shared model building, landscaping and connections. You can see the flow in photos of that here

    Martins thee objectives are about the same as mine. Though I’ve also set up ‘master meetups’ (the first this week) for certified facilitators to learn from each other. The model for this kind of LSP meetup is very similar to the IAF meetups I attend

    I’d love to share any of the assets I’ve created…

    I suppose my vision is for a global network of LSP meetups… and together we legitimise and expand the opportunities for LSP.

    LSP is a brilliant tool, but not yet a mainstream facilitation tool!

    Best of luck



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 19 total)
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