Models/Instruction Booklet for Window Exploration Bag

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    Avatar Kim McGaw 

    Has anyone come across an instruction booklet or sheet of sample model builds using ONLY the Window Exploration bag? :) THANK YOU!

    Avatar Stephen Dann 

    I believe I can help out with this one.

    Over at Mecabricks I have a set of LSP Window kit models – and over at my website there’s a copy of the manual I use –

    Plus, if you’re after some supplemental stuff, I have a paper over here that helps –

    Avatar Kim McGaw 

    Dr. Dann, you are a ROCK STAR! Thank you for sharing your incredible resources. You’ve saved my bacon. With gratitude, K

    PS – Fantastic white paper, too.

    Avatar Andrew Batchelor 

    Gargoyle Software also put together a page on the Exploration Bag:

    I find in general that it is possible to do a version of the Starter Kit exercises with the Explorer bag, but on a smaller scale. The Tower exercise translates fine, and there are at least two distinct ways of making a duck ;).

    Hope that’s helpful.


    Avatar Werner 

    Thanks for sharing guys. This is interresting.

    Avatar Kim McGaw 

    Andrew, just came across your post. Truly appreciate your help and build instructions. I’ve just moved from using the LSP starter kits to the Exploration bags and want to create a rich experience using minimal pieces. This is a great start!

    Avatar Andrew Batchelor 

    Hi Kim,

    You are welcome. :)

    In my experience, I find that build instructions for the participants are not needed, although it is a good idea as a facilitator to know what is possible. As I noted above, most of the Starter Kit exercises translate well enough to the smaller Exploration Kits. Unlike the Starter Kit though, I have found it useful to keep the directionsto a minimum (e.g. simply “build a duck”, or “build a tower”) and not use things like the animal and other models in the booklet where participants build to a specific set of instructions. This approach keeps the exercises open to interpretation and the accompanying discussion can be wider ranging.



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