LSP for action planning in a strategy session

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    Hello Forum,

    I’ll be facilitating a 2-day workshop in 3 weeks and I was wondering given my context if LSP could work. So here’s the context.

    The group, composed of 16 participants from different business units, has been working together for many years, to address a specific market segment in their industry. Last year they’ve defined and aligned on a clear Mission and 4 four strategic pillars, and have begun to execute on some of these pillars. They are now coming together to review what’s been accomplished and begin to plan the next two years to reach their revenue objectives. They see this as a strategic planning session, I see it more as an action planning session given that the strategic pillars have already been established. It’s more about determining what actions can be taken within each of the pillars to reach their goals.

    The project sponsor has requested that there be a “year in review” presentation in the beginning to set the foundation.

    I’m struggling to decide whether using the LSP method and material could help or not the process.

    Thank you


    Rodrigo Borgia

    Hi Gabriel,

    In my humildy opinion, if you have two full days for the workshop, you would have time enough to go through Real Time Strategy for the Enterprise – as a concept. and playing to shape the tactics & strategies.

    Ping me if you would like to have a short talk on this subject. +5493416087362

    Have fun,


    Manuel Grassler

    Hi Gabriel,

    I facilitated a quite similar session in January this year. LSP works nice on that one.

    It was about a quite sognificant project wirh lits of struggles where all stakeholders (18) came together to share their view on the status quo establish a new goalsetzing for the end of the year, assess the impediments for moving forward and derived actions to move forward.

    If you want to know more we can have a chat!
    Whatsapp me on 00436766711177


    Rodrigo, Manuel

    thank you for your feedback. I will definitely attempt reach out to you.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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