Lego Serious Play in Switzerland?


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    Avatar Andreas Peter 

    Dear all,

    We plan to conduct a Lego Serious Play workshop in September here in Switzerland. Since we have more participants than anticipated – and since LEGO currently seems to be unable to deliver new kits – we are looking for four additional LSP landscape kits to rent. We would be very grateful, if you could get in touch with us if you rent out your landscape kits or know someone who does.

    Thanks a lot!


    Avatar Per Kristiansen 

    hi Andreas

    Have you tried to reach out to Eli de Friend ( and Joyce Miller ( in Aubonne, near Lausanne?

    Good luck


    Avatar Andreas Peter 

    Hi Per,

    Thanks a lot for the info! I’ll try my luck…


    Avatar Christoph Köpernick 

    This post isn’t new anymore, but I’d been experiencing the exact same problem a while ago. Without a perfect solution at hand, I thought I take the helm and offer my LSP sets for rent when I don’t need them. I will make sure they are clean and complete and I ship them within Germany (or pick-up in Berlin). What do you guys think about this idea? Ping me if you are interested or checkout this little page (in German only, though).

    Avatar Christoph Köpernick 

    Just wanted to give an update about the LSP rental service. I’ve collected all the feedback and experience from two years of running this service, and just relaunched it here: Let me know if it’s useful!

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