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    Working on a game for 120 people who need to build a coordinated project. (e.g. a whole town)

    The goal of the game is to go beyond the single 5-9 members team. The goal is to converge to an Agile at scale frameworks – intervals, coordination, etc.

    Any ideas? Past experience?

    Ariane Wunderli

    Hello, well I think this is more LEGO for Scrum than LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.


    Thanks Ariane.
    You’re correct – but I’m trying to build a game for SAFe, not for Scrum. My challenge is an Agile Release Train (ART), of 120 people, starting their common journey. 12 Scrum teams.
    The goal is “beyond the ‘team building'”.
    Any ideas?
    I see that earlier you have asked about a game for 50 engineers…

    Francine Masson
    Choong SinFatt

    Hi Dror, I do not think LSP is an appropriate tool/method to simulate the SAFe Release Planning (PI planning in the SAFe context). However, I do use LEGO bricks as the build medium to simulate the PI planning avtivities.
    For more info on how I did it, u can refer here …


    So we ran a full SAFe Program Increment including a planning session for 120 people using lego. Each Scrum team had a PO who was also responsible for the integration of the team’s products with other teams; we had 1 leadership team, who has set the vision and goals, and we had 2 regulation / services teams who were service providers for the other 12 teams.

    It was an exceptionally effective lesson for everybody involved about the challenges of managing and participating in a large, coordinated project. Each individual felt the responsibility she has to own in order to ensure that the entire project succeeds. 4 hours total.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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