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    Hugues Leininger

    I am asked to involve a blind or a deaf participant in a LSP workshop. Does anyone have a similar experience ? Any advice, for example by adapting the process ?
    Thank you and best regards Hugues

    Per Kristiansen

    hi Hugues

    I have done this a couple of times, and the most surprising thing is that you do not have to adapt, or at least extremely little. The key difference is in how visually impaired see things, as my sponsor said it “but we see, we just see with our hands”. Thus, give the listeners time to feel the model, before or while the builder is sharing. If you create a landscape then similarly let them really feel where they place the model and make certain they talk while placing.

    Also, when opening boxes, make certain they have a moment to feel the bricks, just like when sighted have a moment to visually see what is there

    In two occasions I also played emergence, and that worked as well

    Good luck and enjoy


    Ine Armour-Brown

    Hello Hugues,

    When you’re working with a deaf person in the group, they’d likely bring their interpreter. The main adaptation would be to give the interpreter some space / time to finish their sentences or move closer to the speaker. So make sure people don’t start talking at the same time, or at the speed of light. Everything that’s being said by you, the other participants and the hearing impaired person needs to be signed. A busy job. The great thing for the interpreter, though, are the regular breaks while everyone’s building!

    If you’re still in doubt, why not contact the people themselves. They probably know best what they need.

    Good luck!

    Dr.Tarifa Ajaif

    its so rewarding to use LSP with special needs participants. Few months ago i had the opportunity to run team building workshop wjich it has 3 participants who were deaf. They had their own interpret which absolutely helped. the success of the workshop depended on the power of including these participants through allowing enough time for them and giving them the right attention. Also integrating their feedback to the rest of the team. What is better than LSP to use anyway? :)

    Hugues Leininger

    Hi Ine, Hi Per
    Thank you for your posts
    looking forward meeting you (in september ?)
    warm regards Hugues

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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