Global conference or many local ones?

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    Massimo Mercuri

    Hello everybody, I am wondering if this year there will be a global LSP facilitator conference.
    If not, maybe we can just take the initiatives to make localized events?

    Per Kristiansen

    hi Massimo

    We will absolutely do another global conference. We are back in Billund in October (3-4th). I think you missed the 2016 conference, which explains why you didn’t know. We will post about it soon’ish

    Onno Kruitwagen

    Hello Massimo,

    You are welcome to join the Meetups from LSP Holland.

    For the past months we have had several Meetups for LSP-facilitators in which we talked about how to make reports from LSP-workshops, how to transport LEGO to LSP-workshops, how to use music during LSP-workshops, using LSP in creating marketing personas, and practiced with several AT’s. And we have more topics that we are planning to deal with in these Meetups. You can find more about our LSP Meetups on


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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