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    Hi I am new here. At the moment I am designing a workshop LSP for a group of 6 participants. They work in IT.
    At the moment I am preparing my LSP-workshop. But I struggle a bit with the questions. Can someone tell me if there are some example questions I can adapt to?

    Bob Cornelis


    It is important to have an issue / key question around which you will built your questions.
    Starting from questions around the actual situation of the team and then progressively having questions which let you go to the answer of the key question / issue of the workshop.

    Without a central theme, it is difficult. Or you have an introduction session and then you can experiment with challenges to give the participants the experience of the richness of the Lego serious play method.

    Best regards,

    giorgio beltrami

    I’m Giorgio and at the same time I’m making 4 LSP workshops for ICT enterprise.
    I’m sure that you had made already an analysis of needs….Thus, in my experience, I think that you have understand well the job description of workers and their role in their company.
    Which applications are you doing: role, teamlife or strategy?

    Otherwise, I suggest at the beginning to ask them to shere the projects in wich they are engaged and show them how the workshop will provide them a simple principles guides to armonyze and unify their tasks.

    Bye, Giorgio – giorgio.beltrami@gmail.com

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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