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    Avatar Phek Yen NG

    Hi. Does anyone know how many ways (possibilities) of building the duck (6 pcs)? I recently approached by some clients here. I’m trying to get a close to approximate possibilities:)


    Hi Phek, could this article help?

    Avatar Elrika Erasmus

    Hi Phek, the most recognisable ducks I have seen was 21. Best wishes!

    Avatar Phek Yen NG

    Thanks a lot Patricia and Elrika for the helpful info:)

    Avatar Sebastian

    Hi Phek,

    Mathematically it should be in the 10s or hundreds of thousands of combinations or permutations or possibly even more..
    In reality in my experience if I ask 50 people to build ducks.. about 3 to 4 would be similar though not exactly so.

    However all 50 are building a duck according to how their hands and minds sees a duck.

    If you transpose this the possibility for different ducks in a group if people would be about 92 %…

    In a demo workshop of 6 to 8 people noone has ever built similar ducks.

    Hope this helps.

    Avatar Phek Yen NG

    Hi Sebastian, thanks for sharing. It’s very helpful!:)


    On they found 195 ducks.

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