anyone in Australia for LSP?

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    Marc Florit

    hi Serious Players,
    i’m looking for someone interesting in delivering a LSP training in Sydney, Australia. The proposal would be a mixed in-company + public training to get the right number of participants. i’ll take care of booking ands logistics so yeah! i need you. a Certified Trainer available and interested to fly to Sydney.

    you can contact me via email to comment further details, costs, etc.

    If Sydney is not a possibility (haven’t found anything) please share any close location where i can fly and get certified.

    Thanks in advance,

    Eli De Friend

    Hi Marc,
    May I recommend that you contact Denyse Meyerson. As far as I am aware, she is based in Sydney. She has been training and certifying other facilitators for nearly 10 years now. So, she would be able to train you or put you in contact with some of the facilitators she has trained in the past.
    Also, David Oliver, who worked with Johan Roos at both IMD and the Imagination Lab, researching the scientific grounding of LSP, and therefore one of the first LSP facilitators ever, is currently a professor at the University of Sydney. He too might know people in the Sydney area whom he could recommend.
    Good luck,

    Marc Florit

    thanks a lot Eli,
    been searching for local LSP trainers and could find them, thanks.
    will contact them for sure.

    Marc Florit

    hello again Eli,
    sorry but i found one David Oliver in linkedin. he works in the Center of Creative Leadership (what makes me think he is the right one) but he is based in SAN DIEGO!
    could you confirm if is him or other David the one i should contact?
    Many Thanks,

    Denise Meyerson

    Hi all! Thanks Eli for mentioning me. I have been an LSP facilitator for the past ten years aand in the good old days was a master trainer in the LSP advisory board.
    I am based in Sydney and we deliver train the trainer sessions once per quarter and also facilitate numerous client sessions.
    My contact details are:
    Website: We have just expanded our business through an acquisition so the website is being adjusted. LSP might not yet be as prominent on the site.

    Marc Florit

    thanks Denise, looking forward to talk to you in more detail.

    Eli De Friend

    Hi Denise, Sorry for putting a “Y” in your name. I actually checked that it was “I”, but my fingers seem to have had a mind of their own :-)

    Marc, David Oliver’s LinkedIn profile is But as you now have the link with Denise, I think you’re in capable hands.

    Best regards,

    Michael Fearne

    Hi Marc,

    Nice to meet a fellow Australian wanting to get trained up in LEGO Serious Play.

    To give you the full picture of LSP training in Australia, to my knowledge there are three main trainers here.

    MCI – Denise who responded above.

    Pivotal Play – That’s the company that I run. We’re based in Melbourne and run both client workshops and also train / certify people to run the workshops themselves. You can find out more at

    Play Academy – And lastly there is Catherine Ryan who runs the Play Academy, also Melbourne based (

    I know all the programs relatively well. I’ve taken Denise’s course, I obviously run my one and I’ve spoken in depth with Catherine.

    The good news is they are all great! And you’ll come out from any of them being able to run some fantastic LSP workshops.

    My advice on making the choice is always to chat with the facilitator who will be taking it. See if they match your vibe. Ask questions about tailoring the program to suit your needs / use cases. And lastly what support is there ongoing to make sure your workshops are a success.

    On the location, obviously Denise is local. I’m happy to fly up to Sydney and run it at no extra cost to you. And as for Catherine you’ll have to chat with her.

    Good luck and whichever course you chose I hope to see you here and in the Facebook group sharing all the awesome things you’re using LSP for!


    Michael Fearne

    Marc Florit

    thanks Michael,
    it´s great feeling that i´m entering a great community (more than a business network based on trainings and certs) where people is willing to support each other and recommending other colleagues even when they are offering same services in the same area. Sorry for this personal comment but this sense of belonging to a community it´s what i was used to in Spain but not that much in Australia so far.

    Michael, would be great catching up with you when you visit Sydney. thanks for your great advices :)
    my priority know is Time so the earlier the better.

    Thanks everyone who pop up here and sending me emails and answering my questions.
    Hopefully i´ll be (officialy) trained soon…

    Have a good Monday!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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