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    Alexander Nazaruk

    Good day to all of you!
    I am a high school student who is currently doing a research project on Lego Serious Play. I hope to eventually gather a lot of research on the economics and various systems of Lego Serious Play.
    I have a question that has probably been answered dozens of times, but I cannot find it on the website anywhere, so:
    Why is it that Lego Serious Play kits are as expensive as they are?
    For instance, the Connections Kit costs $754.99, but it has just 2455 pieces. Compare this to the Parisian Restaurant set, which has 14 more pieces and is almost 5 times less the price.
    I understand well that the bricks in Serious Play kits are chosen based off of 8 criteria, but if a businessman would follow such criteria whilst buying their own “play” bricks instead of from a kit, wouldn’t they purchase 2500 bricks for even less than $750 on a marketplace a la Bricklink?

    Please fill me in on this as soon as possible.

    Alexander Nazaruk.

    P.S. I apologise for my post being highly tangential to the rest of the posts on this forum. I’ll try asking less questions…

    Per Kristiansen

    Dear Alexander

    The short answer would be that the sets are costly but not expensive. The kits, in particular, the connections kit contain a lot of special elements that are expensive to produce. Historically, LEGO has kept the same margin on the LSP products as on any. In periods it has even been lower, but I believe that it has been adjust to the normal level the last few years

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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