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We’re so happy Jacquie Lloyd Smith and Denise Meyerson, the new editors of the Serious Play Pro website, asked us to be the resident experts on Consumer Insights. Because that’s what we are … Consumer Insight Experts.

We generate Consumer Insights for our clients through various qualitative marketing research methodologies including LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods. We use Consumer Insights with our clients in a myriad of ideation sessions. We help our clients move forward by giving them insight-led direction and innovative thinking.

We thought we’d start the conversation about utilizing LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® mythology and materials in the Consumer Insight space by stepping back and defining what insights really are. Here is one definition, a description to kick things off. Pat Conroy, Principal and Vice Chairman at Deloitte Consulting and their Former National Consumer Business Leader, defined insight as:

“A statement based on a deep understanding of your target consumers‘ attitudes and beliefs, which connect at an emotional level with your consumer, provoking a clear response (This brand understands me! That is exactly how I feel! — even if they’ve never thought about it quite like that) which, when leveraged, has the power to change consumer behavior.”

How do you define insights? In your opinion, what exactly is an insight?

  1. Manisha 8 years ago

    To me an insight is a revelatory moment when a new understanding of an issue emerges. It may be a combination of different ideas that throw a new perspective. It is also like a medium that allows others to add their own stories and grow/develop the insight within the organisation.

    I study consumer behaviour and excited about using LSP for consumer insights. would certainly like to hear your experience in this area.

  2. Rodrigo Borgia 8 years ago

    In my oppinion, a consumer insight is the moment of “aha!” that aligns the questions on the company with the responses on the participants of the LSP workshop.
    Probably a phrase, a word, a sequence of emotions…. not very specifically described, but like a epiphany that shows us the truth from a customer perspective!

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