When LEGO informed the former licensed partners about their plans to “go open source” with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ methodology – most of us did not have a faintest idea what this would mean to our activities.

Obviously – setting up from scratch a new community to deal with training activities of the future facilitators, building its backoffice, setting up technological platform, handling its internal communication and member management is already a challenge that we need to face during the coming months and even years.

But so far we have had to deal with petty practicalities that are despite their pettiness sometimes rather cumbersome and time consuming. Hence – two months down the line, can you comment about the extent of change that the recent changes have had upon your business:

  • How much you have had to upgrade your marketing materials: websites, sales brochures, handouts, slides.
  • How have you adapted to new ordering system via LEGO Shipping & Handling (incl. some of us – how have you solved the situation that your country might no longer be supported as a delivery destination).
  • Etc.

Can you share your experiences and lessons learned at our group forum page … how have you managed so far?

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  1. Kristina Nyzell 14 years ago


    Disruptiveplay FZ LLC has set up an account with Aramex in the US and UK which allows goods to be shipped directly to a US and UK local address for transportation to Dubai and/or client sites around the world. Cost wise, transportation costs has not increased very much as shipping costs from DKK or the Tscheck Republic were already high to start off with.



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