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    Looking to use LSP in an international conference of 150 to 200 people in China – any previous experience of do’s, don’ts, avoids, musts etc. gratefully received

    • Hi Simon, I am curious about your challenge. Here are some of my questions: Is this a conference or a workshop? If it’s a conference, how will you be using LSP? Will you be demonstrating the methodology or do you have specific business objectives to address? Will all 150 conference participants be taking part in the LSP activity? How many qualified LSP facilitators will you be using? Do you know the concerns / interests of the participants or event organisers?
      There is a huge difference between asking people to build as many ducks as they can in 5 minutes and uncovering the hereto tacitly shared guiding principles, values, identity of a group of people to which they are prepared to commit themselves for the foreseeable future.
      If you are unable to answer some of these questions and are not yet a qualified facilitator certified by one of the Master Trainers, you may want to look into sigining up for a training programme, before embarking on such a challenging endeavour. If you do not have time to get trained before your conference, you might want to explore the possibility of inviting already-qualified facilitators to run the workshop. There are some in China, more in Singapore and Japan.
      In any case, good luck with it :-)
      Best regards,


    • Hi Simon. I agree with Eli. Its very important to understand the overall output desired. If it is a reasonably complex question then you need a trained facilitator and assistant facilitators for every 8 to 12 pax. Alternatively train a person at each table as a facilitator for the day. I have done both. Just did a workshop on collaboration and careers today with 200 people. A lot of detailed content and logistics planning is involved.
      Finally the question to build to must be tested and retested. Getting a lot of people back on track or changing course midway can be a nightmare.

    • Simon, adding to the above (with which I am perfectly aligned), my experience with large groups, whether it is an intro to LSP or an actual delivery, is that music should be avoided, relatively small groups (6 per table) makes it easier to align, that sharing rounds are shorter, skills building is as always important, and finally that each question should be rather distinct , i.e. it is difficult to apply multi-layered questions.
      Have fun

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