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Anne-Marie Rodriguez de Killeen, ACC

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I am a Personal Development Coach, Business Consultant, Communicator and MOJO Mobilizer. I believe in the power of play as part of our development as happy, healthy and productive human employees. I have a creative and professional background having spent 20 years working in TV, Public and Advocacy Relations. This is combined with training in psychology and behavioural change, as a qualified Coach and NLP Master Practitioner. I believe it’s this unique mix that enables me to help people ignite the purpose, passion and potential that exists within all of us to get the best from our work and life experiences. I own Ruby Red Coaching & Consulting. We specialize in helping individuals, teams and organizations create working lives worth living. I’m also a proud New Yorker who has lived in lovely London for over 20 years; married to an amazing man and artist; in love with my family and inspired by everything.

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Certificate in Facilitating And Designing Workshops with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method