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Reinhard Ematinger, PhD

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Education: Engineer (Mechanical Engineering, Linz, Austria), MSc (Engineering Management, Oakland University, US), PhD (Economics, Mendel University, Brno, CZ), NLP Trainer (DVNLP), Certified Coach (DCV, European Business School), Lean Management Trainer (Porsche Consulting, SAP), Certified Business Model Trainer (Strategyzer), Certified OKR Master (Comteam)

Offerings: selberdenken powered by LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® with these subjects:
– selberdenken|strategy for corporate strategies and business models
– selberdenken|identity for team identities
– selberdenken|kaizen for lean management
– selberdenken|kickstart for project kick-offs and conferences

Activities: more than 20 years experience in IT and logistics consulting, more than 90 terms of lecturing at different universities in Austria and Germany, management coach, and speaker

Customers and references: SAP Deutschland SE&Co.KG, RheinLand Versicherungs AG, SAP SE, Ketchum Pleon GmbH, SAP Brazil, Clue Consult e.V., FH Joanneum GmbH, Friedrich Sanner GmbH&Co.KG, Fraport AG, DHL Innovations, BASF SE, Hochschule Ludwigshafen, WHU, … .

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German, English

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Pleikartsfoerster Hof 4/1, D 69124 Heidelberg, +49 151 651618113,




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