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    - "Attend LEGO Serious Play facilitator training:"View
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    - "Working on a new workshop for a young potential group of engineers in the next weeks."View
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    - "We offer full suite of Lego Serious Play and Lego Eduction platform services to individuals, associations and companies of all sizes within Sweden. We hav now expanded our activities with more experienced […]"View
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    - "Hi Alex, If you give me a phone number then I can call you. I am based in Denmark, but travel to US frequently both for training and workshops. Best Robert"View
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    - "@abuanas Would be happy to share some info about the training Best Per"View
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    - "I am staying very busy making a business plan for my company, LSP workshops (little ones) and working with my clients. Soon, I will be planting flowers also. How about you?"View
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