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Coach, Facilitator, Speaker and Entrepreneur.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as a professional who has natural inclination towards Coaching & Facilitating various training programs.
oday I proudly stand as a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator, Level 4 DC certified International Human Capital Trainer & ICF accredited Coach along with various other certifications from industries.
My experience of over 16+ years with various organizations like TCS, OFSS, JP Morgan internationally & 3 Years as an entrepreneur, coach, speaker & facilitator helps me to provide experiential trainings in the areas of various soft skills, project management, strategic management.
Along with corporates I have conducted various workshops for parents, teachers and students which helps me in understanding the interrelationships between corporate, society, family and individual as a whole, and also it provides me insight into the most valuable capital which is Human Being.

I have the DESIRE to be the best and be beneficial to the society at large through the medium of my profession.

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Mumbai, Nov 2014, Per Kristiansen