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Olivier Swyngedouw

Who are you and why do you want to become a member of SeriousPlayPro community?

It is my professional goal to perpetuate the growth of commercial organizations by further professionalization of the business supporting entities, ICT in particular.

• Setting up and improving ICT entities to fully support the core business activities. Potentially transforming these entities from ‘necessary costly overhead’ to an internal business partner. Bridging ICT with the core business.

• Guide and facilitate strategic and organizational changes within ICT entities in case of mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing, divesture, (de)centralization etc.


Facilitation languages

Dutch, English, French

Contact info

Olivier Swyngedouw
Kasteelstraat 22
B-9550 Herzele

GSM: +32 473 85 31 46


Have you been trained in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY?


If yes - who, where and when trained you?

Trained by Per Kristiansen in Antwerp, November 2014.