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Monica Kerik

Who are you?

After a 15 year career in Account Management and Strategic Planning for top Advertising Agencies in Mexico, London and USA, I decided to become an entrepreneur in Early Childhood Education and created an innovative curriculum for a Spanish Enrichment program which has been going strong for over 12 years.

Motivated by curiosity and a need for continuously sharpening the saw, I have taken several courses in Buddhism, Meditation, Creative Writing and Organizational Leadership. I am a certified Lego Serious Play facilitator and in the process of becoming a Co-Active Coach.

My experience in understanding facts and human insights coupled with my passion for life and helping others, has taken me to create Life Full of Goodness whose mission is to inspire others (and myself) to create a more mindful, balanced and fulfilling life. I blog, facilitate workshops and coach individuals and teams with the purpose of igniting personal growth.

Facilitation languages

English & Spanish



Have you been trained in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY?


If yes - who, where and when trained you?

Robert Rasmussen, North Carolina, January 2018.