• @massimo Hello Massimo,

    In the last thread, you mention about a script to run your session.
    I have builded one in Spanish, if you would like to trade.

    That said, i’m curious to ask if you could share yours with me, so i can have one more vision on how to create this type of scripts.

    Have fun,


    • Yes of course I like to share. Keep in mind I always try to stick to the original scripts from the manuals. My adaptations are only in the questions I ask, that are specific to the situation or the customer. Oh, by the way, you probably noticed I am not here often, once a month or sometimes two months

  • @Massimo and @SeanBlair – thank you for your comments. We are currently testing various options for financing the community and I am happy to discuss what is the best placement for ads or seeing if we can make it

  • @massimo – I agree. I’m not sure how much $$$ the ads generate, but I’d enjoy the site more if it were ad free.

  • Hello everyone!

    Was done with the demo before I got back to the thread, but I appreciate the feedback Massimo, Gabriel, and Hector! I’d like to share what happened:

    1) As mentioned, I ended up exercise no. 3. fortunately, they got the hang of building and getting into the flow fairly quickly, even for those who were intimidated with the bricks…[Read more]

  • @massimo – you pose an interesting question. I think that one of the reasons behind the move is that Serious Play for businesses has so far been sitting at the periphery of Lego activities. That has kept our