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Jesus Gomez Manuel Gomez

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I was born in Bilbao on 25 February, 1968.
I studied at the P.P. Jesuitas de Indauchu School (Bilbao), and I graduated as a Computer Engineer from the University of Deusto. Later I trained as an MBA Executive at ESIC Business&Marketing School and took the Higher Programme in Corporate Marketing and Communication at ESIC Business&Marketing School. I am Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator.
My professional career encompasses various management posts in companies which are leaders in the sectors of IT, communication, and the Internet.
In 2008 I began my work as coach and people trainer in matters of personal attitudes and values for companies and bodies, both nationally and internationally. Since then, a huge number of managers have attended my striking, entertaining conferences and seminars.
I am passionate about training, seeing it as my vocation. I believe wholeheartedly in the possibility that everyone can grow, and in the importance of our personal attitudes and values for the development of our enormous potential. I love working with people who believe they can empower and put into practice key aspects such as passion, optimism, self-motivation, desire, and happiness.
I think life is wonderful. With passion and enthusiasm anyone can steer their lives towards the objectives, both business and personal, that they have their minds set on. I believe that no challenge is impossible.
If there is anything that is truly contagious, it is enthusiasm. If you want enthusiastic people by your side, you have to protect your passion and desire for things at all costs. I am always telling my children of the huge capacity people have to achieve their goals, and that just because we may not manage to achieve one of them at any time does not mean we should give up trying.
I have learnt that organisations feel, and that people have a far greater capacity than they are aware of.  I have also seen that when organisations are optimistic, the people deploy their best abilities and skills, and vice versa.
I believe we have to take a lot more risks in our professional and personal lives, and that this will bring us true happiness. To never stop dreaming is one way to always have desires, and to want to reinvent yourself every morning.
It is said of my seminars and conferences that they are striking, motivating, entertaining, and that they transmit a contagious energy.
To my wife Mónica, an incredibly marvellous woman with an exceptional personality.
To my five fantastic children: Patricia, Sofía, Gonzalo, Beatriz and Natalia.
From each of them I learn something every day: from Patricia the desire to want to do things as if time was constantly slipping through my fingers, from Sofía that anything, no matter how insignificant, can be done with inordinate passion, from Gonzalo that there is a capacity for concentration which goes far beyond that set out in the standards we are used to, from Beatriz that it is possible to be extremely good, and that fondness and affection lie on the path towards achieving each of our goals, and from Natalia the enormous, incommensurate desire to want to learn, which is endless.

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Carlos Martinez in Bilbao (Spain)