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Willy Figueroa Barkow

Who are you?

I am a newly certified Lego Serious play facilitator in México

I have done consulting work for the last 20+ years, initiated with Quality management Systems that evolved into Organizational Management Systems, I Am convinced that organizations don´t learn PEOPLE DO¡¡¡  now I am looking for new tools to help improve organizations

Currently working with a large Mexican company operating 15 thousand+ Convenience Stores

Facilitation languages

English 100% German 60% Spanish 100%

Contact info

Willy Ulrick Figueroa Barkow

Office 52 722 199 0252

Cel 52 722 2642323

Have you been trained in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY?


If yes - who, where and when trained you?

Certified July 18 thru 21 2017 Mexico City – Lucio Margulis