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Disruptiveplay is a collaboration consultancy that specialises in event-based collaborative learning. We work with governments, corporates, social for profit ventures, educators, social movements, communities, investors and tomorrows leaders to co-design more human ways for clients to co-create and co-innovate enduring value in their strategies, relationships, experiences and processes.In our work we incorporate individual- and collaborative storytelling and storymaking tools and methodologies that encourage deep questioning and listening such as: Knowledge Cafe, The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® technique , U- Presencing, Skunkworks, Open source co-creation, Conversational AI, Play-based- and Simulation Based learning, Computational- and Cognitive Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis with Semiotics and Semantics, Metaphor Theory, lead-user-/purpose, design driven innovation and design sprints, robotics with PBL, data & insight curation, responsible management education (SDG’s).

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English, Swedish, Danish, German

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Disruptiveplay, Båtbyggaregatan 44, 216 42 Limhamn, Sweden Email., Twitter. Disruptiveplay



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2007 with Robert Rasmussen