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criselda Navarro

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• I am an Organizational Change Management Consultant, SAP Certified Inventory Managament and Procurement, working for IBM US Global Business
• I love Education-People, Business Processes and Tools like SAP that facilitate our everyday tasks on the job
• I am passionate about guiding people to transform and transcend challenges .In my early post college years, I was a financial analyst interested in economics and social behavior. I love to study and engaged in academics programs aside my primary job as a Financial Analyst in the automotive industry
• In the 90’s, I decided to switch career and went into Logistics, Human Development and Technology Information
• 12 Years ago I found myself in an SAP implementation as a Key user, Process Owner in Logistics and Procurement
• I became an SME in Supply chain and an advanced SAP user, my interest in the SAP tool and enhancement to support new Business Process encouraged me to obtain a SAP Certification as a functional Procurement and Inventory Management consultant
• Today I am an Org Change Consultant with several full life cycle SPA project Implementations

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My primary languages are Spanish and English

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I grew up in Venezuela and at the age of 17 I moved to Portland Oregon in the US. I have lived in the Americas – Venezuela, US, Mexico, Canada –on and off for over a decade. I have a degree in Business Administration- Economics and a Master degree in Finance. Over the years I have acquired skills as an Ontological Coach. I like languages, I have played around with French, English, Italian and little Portuguese. Things that matter to me: Animals, Planet Earth, Plants and People, Learning, Spirituality, Community work and Nature.