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Ben Weinlick

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Ben Weinlick, MA is the founder of Think Jar Collective.

Ben is always looking at how he can help diverse disciplines and domains to collide because often it is through that, that powerful insights and relevant innovations can emerge. Having diverse experience with leading strategy to develop innovation culture in organizations, facilitating human centered service design, dabbling in the arts, community building, startups, disability service leadership and a bit of motorcycle design has provided a unique perspective on challenges facing organizations today.

He feels fortunate to have had some amazing mentors and bright colleagues to work alongside over the last 15 years of exploring and leading organizational development and innovation enhancement projects. He’s an innovator and collaborator at heart and will show you how he doesn’t just throw those words around lightly but acts on them. He’s passionate about helping people and organizations enhance their creative capacity in order to come up with better quality solutions and services.

Currently Ben is the Senior Leader of Research and Social Innovation at an NGO called SKILLS Society in Canada. It’s a dream job for him centered around leading Social R & D initiatives. In this role, Ben regularly facilitates a think tank lab using design thinking and creative processes he developed with a research group during his graduate studies. In addition to curating content for Think Jar Collective, he writes for the Creativity Post, give keynotes on fostering creativity and disciplined innovation in organizations, consults throughout North America and is active on the Make Something Edmonton board .

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