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Hi, I am a Sensory Branding Consultant and Coach.
Senses and sensorial perceptions are at the center of all what I do! How we subconsciously interact with our senses via a brand, a product or our own thoughts is key to our (purchasing) behaviour. Thus understanding these interactions is key for success at any level!

I worked 20 years in product sensory research, where the consumer’s sensory perceptions (emotions) were at the center of all what I did.

I discovered LSP in during my market research career and have been intensively using it as an Independent for about a year. Due to my sensorial background, the methodology fascinated me from the moment I got to know it! Indeed, the hand-brain connection and all the implicit sensorial interconnections is what motivates me to use this methodology.

Using the methodology not only for companies but also for individual coaching settings, continuously shows me how eye-opening LSP can be. Especially in individual settings, it is fascinating to observe how one deals with the bricks and interacts with them. It can get to the point that people are confronted with a certain personal attitude..and then can let go.

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german, english, french

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+49 6198 571 960




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Matthias Haas, Frankfurt (Germany), March 2017