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    Hi there

    Finally I received LSP starter kits and one identity kit. Unfortunately the only material provided with the package was the 15 page imaginopedia leaflet whic provides basics information about the LSP.

    I assumed that there is manuals on the LSP processes and techniques and how to conduct workshops but nothing was provided. I have used training and facilitation tools before and they all come with something like this. Am I missing something?

    I know there is facilitation training courses and I am planning to go to one around September but from now to then I need to know the methodology and practice it.

    Is there any material from Lego or somewhere else that I can use?


    • Hi AbuAnas,
      No, you are not msising anything in the shipment from LEGO. And to be honest there really isn’t anything available that would be useful for you without first having gone through the training. Doing LSP might seem easy, because building with LEGO bricks are, but the fact are that all the value comes from how to first design the workshops and then facilitating them. There are materials that can give a deeper background about the methodology and the rationale
      You mention that you are planning on taking the training in September. May I ask you which training you have in mind since there are multiple offerings incl.

      • Hi Robert,

        Thank you for your feedback. I am planning to attend the course offered by you. I was referring to the course in Holland but when I looked to the Calendar it is now in Madrid.

        You mentioned some material is available would you be kind enough and tell me where can I obtain this material?


        • Hi AbuAnas,
          The session in Holland got moved to a week later beginning of October – fyi!
          The background materials that you can begin to read I have in mind I can email to you, if you let me know which address to use.
          Nothing of it though will enable you to design and facilitate before the training.

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