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Using LSP For Software Architecture Design

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     Ariel Fligler 


    I was wondering if anyone has used LSP for software architecture design ? having a team of software engineers, architects, UX, quality etc. presents an attractive opportunity to use LSP ability to have people from different backgrounds in the same language. Also, software architecture can be physically being built with relationships between objects and playing war games to find holes in the architecture. Further, it can be combined with Design Thinking mindset and create an iterative process of architecture creation (using a bottom-up approach of creating small fragments of the architecture and combining them in negotiation).

    Has anyone did a session like this or using a different scenario and can share his\her insights ?




    Hi Ariel,

    Have you seen this: I’ve also got a document titled “User requirements with LEGO”. Might not be exactly what you look for, but may give inspiration. I used it to create a workshop aimed at IT and business to create their vision on an ideal workplace.

    Let me know if you’re interested!




    Hi Emiel,

    would love to read more about your approach of eliciting user requirements with LEGO. Would you mind sharing?

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

     Ariel Fligler 

    Hello Emiel,

    I somehow missed your reply. Sorry for this.

    thanks for your answer. I’d love to get that document. I’m not sure it is exactly the same but any insight on doing LSP in the software engineering context would be helpful.

    Thank you,


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