Looking for LSP experience feedback for a group of 50 pax

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     Ariane Wunderli 


    Has anyone experience about running a 1/2 day LSP workshop for a group of 50 engineers in a top/demanding company ?

    Objectives : teambuilding – communication
    How many facilitators ?
    Which excercices would you recommend ?

    With thanks.
    A. Wunderli

     Eli De Friend 

    Hi Ariane, the answer is yes.

    Joyce and I tend to use a rule of thumb of approx. 15 participants / facilitator. Best practice is closer to 8 / facilitator, but most clients are reluctant to spend that much money on the facilitation and the coordination of all of the co-facilitators would almost require a full time person doing just that.

    With regard to the exercises to use, it would depend on the client, the context and everything else. If this is a client who has already agree to use your services, you just need to meet and take the mandate forward. If you are still in the processing of bidding, I wouldn’t waste time going into this much detail. Most clients don’t understand the pertinence of individual exercises anyway, so there is no point in communicating this information beforehand. In fact, we find it to be a distinct advantage to avoid communicating the details at all, so that participants stay in the flow, throughout the process.

    Let me know if you are interested in our support moving forward.

    All the best,


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